Whos gonna get in here already?
Who's gonna get in here already? LESTER BLACK

The Stranger slate's looking good! With an estimated 12,500 ballots left to count in District 3, City Council Member Kshama Sawant trails Egan Orion by only 2.5 points, 48.5 to 51. That's a 5.5 point jump from yesterday. The number of votes between them now stands at 739.

Sawant needed 58% of the vote today to stay alive, and she got just over 59%. Later ballots lean left, and if she repeats this performance in tomorrow's ballot drop, she'll keep her seat. I guess some people in Seattle do find her likeable, they're just running late for work.

After yesterday's drop former police chief Jim Pugel led assistant city attorney Andrew Lewis in District 7 by 20 votes. Today, Lewis has taken the lead by a point-and-a-half, 50.5 to 49. Lewis is up 365 votes, and that lead will likely expand tomorrow.

In District 4, former Tim Burgess aide Alex Pedersen's lead has narrowed over Shaun Scott to just over 10 points. He was 15 points ahead yesterday. 2,371 now votes separate the two candidates. Based on the proportions of ballots received by district, King County Elections estimates about 10,000 votes left to tally in this race.

In District 1 Council Member Lisa Herbold increased her lead by 7.5 points over trivia guy Phil Tavel, which probably locks down that race for her.

Tammy Morales is still crushing Chamber-backed candidate Mark Solomon in District 2. She leads him by 16.5 points.

Council Member Debora Juarez continues to lead Safe Seattle-backed Ann Davison Sattler in District 5, 59 to 40.5.

Meanwhile, Ballard's paper boy and elder millennial Dan Strauss increased his lead over Chamber-backed District 6 candidate Heidi Wills. He's now ahead by 8 points, 54 to 46. That's a 3 point jump from yesterday. He's gonna win.

Yesterday Referendum 88, the affirmative action measure, was down by 4 points, 52 to 48. Today it's 51 to 49. Slightly better, but still depressing. And fucking Tim Eyman's inane $30 car tabs initiative still leads by over 7 points. Yesterday it was leading by 10 points, and the opposition told the Seattle Times they expected it to pass.

King County Elections will drop ballots twice tomorrow, one at 4 p.m. and one around 8:30 p.m. According to a rough estimate from King County Elections Chief of Staff Kendall Hodson, there's still 70,000 ballots left in Seattle.