Why are dominatrixes so fucking expensive? I live in a big city with lots of Doms and they're all $250/hour or more. On top of that, many of them ask for "tributes" on their websites and strongly imply that the hourly rate is just the beginning of their charges. Now, I'm sure there are expenses involved in the business and I don't know much about being a dominatrix, but it seems to me that your average Dom would get a lot more business if she lowered her rates a little so many people would not get priced out of the market. After all, basic economics tells us that non-essential services are price-sensitive.

Doesn't Only Money Impede Natural Advancement To Ecstasy

Instead of answering your question myself, DOMINATE, I posted it to Twitter and asked professional dominants to weigh in...

A big thank you to all the awesome professional dominants out there who took the time to respond! And there's more under my original post.


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