I read recently that the worst thing about living in Putin’s Ru$$ia is that his propagandists pump out so many contradictory lies, batshit conspiracy theories, and non-stop lunacy that it’s impossible for everyday people to know what’s true and what’s real.

They do this so that their rulers can steal everything they can get their hands on, so no wonder Putin’s RepubliKKKan allies want that for us as well.


@1 - You took the words right out of my mouth.

How do you confuse republicans with only 3 letters? F-O-X.


Why is Adam Schiff blatantly lying about not knowing who the whistleblower is?

The guy's name is Eric Ciaramella, and Schiff's very own report named him. Schiff 100% knows who he is.

He is a former NSA analyst, and currently works for the CIA. He worked with Susan Rice during the Obama administration, and is in that famous picture of former Obama staffers crying/scowling when the Trump staffers were moving in.

Here he is:


@8: The Gateway Pundit


Oh, today is going to be DELIGHTFUL.


The funny thing about both this and the Mueller investigation is that almost everyone of import in them is a member of the current administration and most of them are Republicans. The Democrats here are investigating the collapse of an executive plot but they don't come into the story until the collapse is well underway.


Does anyone else feel like we need more of these side by side comparisons from Faux News before the holidays in order to prep people with dealing with their crazy Faux News loving relatives?


As bad as that is, I expected much worse.
That's almost reality-adjacent.


"It seems from bios on FNC founder Roger Ailes, he wouldn't have gone for this silliness."

HAHAHAHA.... HAHAHAHA... oh... wait... I .... HAHAHAHAHA... Bio's you clearly never read because, my man, this is exactly what Ailes PERFECTED and was proud of it. It's his template.

"In Alexis Bloom’s new documentary Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes, a former Fox News staffer recalls his early days at the conservative cable channel.

“It was imparted on me right from the beginning that it was not about journalism,” explains Joe Muto, a former associate producer of The O'Reilly Factor. His commentary sounds especially eerie in the Fake News era: “It was about drawing the biggest audience possible. We used to call it ‘riling up the crazies.’ That’s what we were there to do. We were there to stir up outrage.”"

Oh... Anyway, that was a good one. Man. I'll say this for you; you prove yourself to be an incredulous imbecile in new unique ways almost every day.


"Devin Nunes, then gave an opening statement in which he asserted that this is really about Democrats wanting nude pics of Trump"

Nunes has them and he's not going to give you a peek. Like any of us would want one.


@* The Gateway Pundit?!? HAHAHAHA.

Oh Christ. Conspiracy theory nutbag Jim Hoft himself? The guy chiefly responsible for promoting Sandyhook and Stoneman Douglas High School "deep state they gonna git buh guns" conspiracy theories? The guy who claimed it was ISIS behind the Las Vegas shooting and that the FBI was covering it up because, you now, the FBI are Muslim lovers. Not to mention all his conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton having a stroke or some shit.

HAHAHA. He is a LUNATIC. Who has been sued more times for inventing total nonsense than Trump. This is the fucking racist shit bag who routinely DELIBERATELY misidentifies mass shooters as ANTIFA or muslim of gay or what ever target he want his frothing dipshit user base to go crazy over.

This is where you get your news? Well. That solves a mystery.

Now we know why you display such a notable talent for clueless authentic stupidity. Rivaled only by Raindip, that is.


Case in point 2.0


Gee, another reason to be grateful for wisely avoiding FOX-Tee-Vee and Twitter altogether. Thanks, Chrstopher.
@ 1 German Sausage and @7 RickFromTexas: Thank you for both beating me to it. I love you guys. :)


@9: It is literally just a picture of the guy, you moron.


@17: That is just an image. Seriously, if you do not know that the whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella by now, you are just hopelessly ignorant of what is going on. Schiff's own report named him. His name has been all over the news. Do you even know why you are mad about this, or is just a pathetic reflex now?

@18: I honestly have no idea what you are talking about, there was no play, I was just stating the fact that the whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella and giving the link to a picture of him.


@22: So funny! Such jokes! You should do stand up Teddy. :)


@24....It's not a joke, it's a picture. Are you OK?


@25: Well my back is a little stiff but in general I'm fine, thank you for asking. And how are you?


Anyone with an ounce of intelligence should know that Fox Snooze is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Republican party!

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