Trumps notes from today.
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It's been a wild news day: Sondland, Sondland, Sondland. He's all over the internet. The United States ambassador to the European Union directly implicated members of the Trump administration in the Ukrainian quid pro quo scandal. "Everyone was in the loop," said Sondland. That said, Republicans are fiercely focusing on how he might have some credibility problems.

Pence was one of the members of Trump's administration implicated in Sondland's testimony: Here's Pence's response.

Trump's response: In a quick attempt to defend himself against Sondland's testimony, the President rattled off how he wanted "no quid pro quo." As his hand-written note proclaimed, HE WANTS NOTHiNG. HE WANTS NOTHiNG. Our office was perplexed by his handwriting, which continues to defy reason. Why is it in all caps? Except for the "i"s and "e"s? Intrepid Googler Christopher Frizzelle did some research and the results are damning:

A ransom note for our democracy.
A ransom note for our democracy.

Sondland wasn't the only person who testified today: The deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia and Ukraine blew a key Republican talking point out of the water. There was another guy, too. He had no lips.

Curbed Seattle will stop publishing in one week: The announcement was made by Curbed editor Sarah Anne Lloyd via Twitter.

A person was found dead in a car that erupted in flames in Federal Way: The cause of the fire is currently of unknown.

How bad is the collapse of local media? Real bad, according to a new report by PEN America. “A vibrant, responsive democracy requires enlightened citizens, and without forceful local reporting they are kept in the dark,” wrote the report. “At a time when political polarization is increasing and fraudulent news is spreading, a shared fact-based discourse on the issues that most directly affect us is more essential and more elusive than ever.”

Geekwire interviews Kshama Sawant about the 2019 election: “Seattle was like a test lab. If we allowed [Amazon] to get away with it here, then we can be sure they’re going to go after other cities as well," the freshly re-elected council member told Geekwire's Monica Nickelsburg. “Should the city be a playground for the very wealthy and a corporate tax haven for big corporations? Or should it be a city that actually is affordable for ordinary people and a city where a social justice perspective is being put forward by the highest legislative body?” Amazon declined to comment.

The Grammy nominations are out: Lizzo leads the pack with eight nominations, including the four major categories: Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best New Artist. Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X trail Lizzo with six nominations each. Taylor Swift was "snubbed," only receiving one nomination, but other pop darlings Lana Del Ray and Ariana Grande received two and five nominations, respectively. The Grammys will air on February 10.

Meanwhile, Bossip is in trouble: For writing a headline that called Lizzo a "Kidz Bop Kween." Lizzo has received backlash after controversially winning Album/Mixtape of the Year at BET's Soul Train Awards earlier this week. "Lizzo didn't deserve that award. She makes pop music for white girls who have live love laugh tattooed on them," one popular tweet read. Many expected soul singer Ari Lennox to win the award "given her dedication to the genre." Lennox threatened to quit music after losing. "I made a soulful album. I never ran from who I am. I just expected that one platform to understand that," Lennox tweeted.

Look to the skies tonight: You might be able to see the northern lights. The best time to see them will be between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.

DoorDash and Uber Eats probably aren't collecting sales tax in some states: Check out this new report from Recode:

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The food delivery company Grubhub said it has collected hundreds of millions in taxes for delivery and service fees in dozens of states since at least 2011. But Recode has found that in some of those same states, Grubhub’s top rivals in the delivery space, including DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats, don’t appear to be collecting a cent. This discrepancy puts those rivals in a precarious position if regulators take notice and object.

In case you forgot: There's a presidential race happening. Now's the time to fire up your bongs and pop your popcorn, because the Democrat's November debate starts tonight at 6 p.m. Which candidate will say "any one of us on this debate stage would be a better president than Donald Trump" first? Our money is on Joe or Pete.

While you wait for the debate to start: Here's a picture of K-pop sensations BTS on the latest cover of PAPER magazine, surrounded by new Lisa Frank illustrations and dressed in Virgil Abloh's spring 2020 collection for Louis Vuitton Men.

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