Classic example of a loud noisebox.
Classic example of a loud noisebox. RS

This week I've been writing about a particularly loud, particularly cruel anti-loitering device installed above the doorway of the Kress IGA supermarket downtown. In conversations and in comment threads related to these posts, people have told me they've heard similar devices operating in public spaces around town—grocery stores blaring classical music, a noisemaker at the overlook on 12th Ave, etc. But aside from the very annoying device at the IGA and the slightly less annoying device outside of Mae Phim Thai Cuisine restaurant around the block on Pike St., I haven't been able to confirm any others.

I'd like to create a map of all the places in Seattle where property owners are subjecting the public to these loud noises, but to do that I need your help. If you hear a loud, piercing noise emanating from a noisebox anywhere around town, please send me an email ( with the following info: 1. The time, date, and location where you hear the noise. 2. A photo of the alleged noisebox. 3. A recording of the noise.

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P.S. If you'd like to complain about the noise outside Kress IGA, consider dropping them a note.