If the phrase Noodles and Beef doesnt mean anything to you, start here.
If the phrase "Noodles and Beef" doesn't mean anything to you, start here. JESSICA STEIN

Batten down the hatches: and fire up your heaters, because a bomb cyclone is headed toward the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday. While "bomb cyclone" sounds incredibly dramatic, it really just means it's going to get cold this week. Temperatures in Seattle are expected to drop below freezing by Wednesday, with a low of 24 on Thursday and Friday. Get yourself some Little Hotties.

Lightning! I just saw it. It's real dark over downtown right now. The weather has been weird today. SDOT agrees.

He's running: Tax troll and mass transit murderer Tim Eyman will run for governor next year as an independent, filing to raise campaign funds today. (Joseph O’Sullivan at the Seattle Times referred to Eyman as a "professional initiative filer" which I thought was funny.) On Eyman's brand new campaign website, Tim4Gov, his platform is listed as "Coming soon!" But on the homepage, he promises to "veto ANY tax increase." KIRO blowhard Dori Monson even sounded skeptical about Eyman's chances, notably asking, "Can he beat Dori Monson?"

Former White House counsel Don McGahn must testify in the impeachment probe: ruled a federal judge today. The White House claimed he was immune from testifying. But, "stated simply, the primary takeaway from the past 250 years of recorded American history is that Presidents are not kings," wrote Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. McGahn's private attorney said McGahn "will comply with Judge Jackson's decision unless it is stayed pending appeal." For more on McGahn, I recommend this great episode of the New York Times's show, The Weekly.

The Supreme Court blocked Trump's financial records from being immediately released today: It's only a temporary decision, but it "will prevent Democrats from swiftly obtaining Trump's tax information as they start to prepare articles of impeachment against Trump," writes Politico. If the justices decide to take the case, "they would likely hear the dispute this spring and resolve it by June."

Who leaked the new Pokémon Sword and Shield game info? Pokémon Company International, based in Bellevue, identified four Discord users who leaked game information before the game launch a few weeks ago. The company said the leaks caused “irreparable injury” to Pokémon and are seeking "damages in an amount to be proven at trial.” Interestingly, the company wants to serve subpoenas on Discord and 4chan, reports Forbes. (Side note: Are you playing Sword or Shield? I got Sword and named a Pikachu after Kshama Sawant.)

In real animal news: Animal cruelty is now a federal felony.

Need a job? A British couple is apparently offering $40K a year for someone to watch their two golden retrievers, Milo and Oscar. And you thought childcare was expensive!

Curious how much America's billionaires give to charity? This guy made a chart. Jeff Bezos gave an estimated 0.1 percent of his wealth in 2018.

Remember Dylan Hafertepen? Does "Noodles and Beef" ring any bells? As we asked last November, why did a young man named Jack Chapman, aka Pup Tank, die suddenly in October 2018? Was his master, Dylan Hafertepen, to blame? Other outlets, like Australia's network 10, also asked those questions and reported on the story. Hafertepen is now suing that Australian TV network for defamation, reports News.com. “This [Australian network 10] broadcast, it will be the applicant’s case, was republished worldwide and caused [Hafertepen] to lose a senior position working for Google," said Hafertepen’s lawyer, Sue Chrysanthou.

Project Runway is still on TV: Two designers connected to Seattle are on the new season. "Their vibe is very Etsy 2011," Stranger music calendar editor Kim Selling summarized. I don't think I've ever finished an entire season of Project Runway, but it's going on its 18th season, in case you were wondering.

The Decade in Review posts are COMING: Here's the first one I've seen from the New York Times. I haven't scrolled through all of it but they say the High Line is "the most influential architecture of the decade." LOL. Also, Gwyneth Paltrow is on there? And "dancing," just in general? No mention of pot. ("To be fair, New York Times hasn't noticed it yet," quipped Stranger cannabis writer Lester Black.) Lists like these are always bad but this one seems...

Like a disaster. For reference, here's a real disaster: A home in Mount Vernon exploded today, potentially due to a gas leak, although it will take some time before investigators will be able to determine the cause, reports KOMO. One resident was injured. The house is, uh, gone.