Eyman the Terrible.


It won’t take much digging to find all the shady and illegal shit Eyeman has been up to. He thinks because the wanton corruption of other republicans like Trump has been ignored he can run for office now. But he’s not a billionaire. He’s not very smart. And he’s not in a red state. He’s made waaaay to many well funded enemies.

Running for office is a very, very stupid idea, Tim. But go for it. Jail is socialist institution you approve of.


The sad truth is, Eyman’s initiatives often win votes. That means his ideas win votes. And Inslee is running for a third term in a state that has never elected anyone to three terms.

676’s opponents plastered their signs with his name, hoping that the state’s perceived personal hated of Eyman would be enough to defeat the initiative- and the initiative passed. The question is: did it pass in spite of the state’s actual hatred of Eyman, or does that hatred really exist outside of the three counties where majorities voted against it?

An Eyman governorship would in fact be pretty awful. We already know what his positions are, they’re in the text of the ballot initiatives he has run over the years. He’s homophobic, racist, anti-Transit and pro-billionaire. We have to take him seriously, because he could win, and if he does, it means he will have aloud platform to project his ideas into the public consciousness and encode them into law.


We thought Trump's candidacy was a joke. Now we're stuck with him for God knows how long.

Don't treat Eyman like a joke. His base is just as rabid. He needs to be taken seriously and absolutely destroyed.


Hahahaha. The end of the 1st sentence tells you why Eyman is running: ..."filing to raise campaign funds today." Like his initiative campaigns, it is always about the grift. Running for governor is a way for him to make money.

He's already sabotaged whatever real chances he might have had. He filed as an independent instead of as a Republican. How many people have won a governor's race as an independent anywhere in this country? I can count the number of independents elected to governor in my lifetime on one hand, and I'm old.

Third party candidates just peel off some of the voters from the Ds or Rs. In this case, Eyman is more likely to peel off Republicans than Democrats. That means Inslee can sit back and relax, and watch the Republicans blow a bunch of money to make sure their candidate doesn't come in 3rd place behind Eyman in the primary. That leaves Inslee with more cash on hand for the general election, and a split and disaffected Republican party trying to pull their act together after the primary. Eyman running as an independent helps Inslee, not hurts him. I honestly think Eyman would have had a better shot if he'd run as a Republican.

Just to verify my gut feeling, I checked and found that Inslee is generally relatively popular. Polling data shows him with a net +10 approval rating. Though he didn't get far in his presidential bid, his campaign seems to have had a positive effect on the party; virtually every remaining candidate agrees with him on his climate policies, which was his main campaign issue. So, yeah, he's running for a 3rd term, but there's every indication that he will likely do well. He can't take reelection for granted, but he's not in any real trouble either. He's mildly popular, and has done nothing significant to piss off many voters.


Why not?
Obama has racked up $40 million since leaving office; who says public "service" doesn't pay...
And the Clinton's have managed to scratch together a quarter of a BILLION bucks.
Why do you begrudge Eyman a few gulps from the trough?


@7 Is that you Timmy? Aside from general douchebaggery the shoplifting and other crimes show you have no interest in public service. You’re just trying to get on the public dole.


9, Eyman is a herpe. Can you cure him?


@3 is correct, and real news organizations should get off their duffs and do the digging.


@4 Dan Evans won a third term, so it has been done before. Eyesore is running as an Independent, and will almost exclusively draw from the Republican candidate. I don't see the Republicans not running their own candidate, so the vote on the right will split. Inslee is still rather popular, so a third term is very likely.


Can we just fully fund education and maybe increase funding to community colleges so guys like Tim can get some job skills and maybe become a productive member of society. I'm sick of these bums begging leaching off the taxpayers, get a job.


"US billionaires philanthropic giving:"

I thought tithing was 10% of your income.
They could ALL afford 10% of their vast income and give it to charity.
AND another 10% to taxes.

What is wrong with these nutfcuks?


@13- nothing Timmy learns about in school could possibly pay him as well as fleecing his followers.


We’re out in Electric City this week, and while this place is pretty moderate for Eastern WA, there’s some secession signs here and there. Apparently, the idea is that Eastern WA be it’s own state named - ugh - “liberty”. Eyeman would be perfect for that.


@16 Oh yeah. He'd be in good company with our resident Eastern WA psychopath, Matt Shea, who fully endorses this "Liberty" secession proposal.

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