What would you do-o-o-o for HQ2?
What would you do-o-o-o for HQ2? DAVID RYDER/GETTY

Council passes the rideshare tax: An Uber and Lyft tax is officially in the works. The Seattle City Council unanimously agreed to tax the rideshare companies 57 cents per ride as part of Mayor Jenny Durkan's plan to fund affordable housing. In stride with that, elected officials have also assured that drivers will make a $16 minimum wage by next summer. There is still no plan for congestion pricing (making all drivers in high-congestion areas pay a toll for driving there), which Uber and Lyft support. The city council also passed its $6.5 billion budget.

BREAKING: The White House is on lockdown. The Capitol Building is being evacuated. Reportedly, Capitol police caught wind of an aircraft that is in restricted airspace nearby.

Okay, that was fast: After just a few minutes, the lockdown was lifted. The plane was not believed to be hostile. Could you imagine if you were the pilot that just accidentally put the country on high alert? If you scrambled the fighter jets? Whoops! Sorry! Dipped into the restricted airspace for a hot minute! Nothing nefarious here.

Indiana flipped the script about Amazon worker's death: And buried work safety violations leveraged against the company in order to lure Amazon's HQ2 to town. Back in 2017, before Amazon was courting cities and states across the country, the state of Indiana cited Amazon for four major safety violations and fined it $28,000 and blamed Amazon for the death of a worker killed by a forklift at one of its warehouses. Once Indiana wanted to be the destination for HQ2, those violations disappeared. All fines and responsibility had been lifted and the state accepted Amazon's argument—the dead worker had been at fault.

It's cold: I have a headache. I need to find my slippers. Wear layers today.

Man fatally shot, but dog is okay: A man stole a truck from a gas station in Black Diamond on Friday. In the truck was a 4-year-old poodle named Monkey. All weekend, deputies were searching for the truck. It turned up on Monday. There was a shoot-out. The suspect died. Monkey was okay.

Seattle Children's Hospital was adamant its air system wasn't causing mold infections: For nearly 15 years, Seattle Children's Hospital fought the claim that its air system was riddled with mold and infection-causing Aspergillus fungus. They even fought a three-year case in court about it and published an investigation in 2007 that they presented at a conference, the Seattle Times reports. But guess what? There was mold in the air-handling system. Fourteen patients have been infected because of it. Six have died.

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake has rocked Albania: The quake hit at about 4 a.m. local time. Hundreds are injured and at least 16 people are dead.

United Nations published admonishing report: I'll give you one guess as to what the report is about. Okay. Ready? Climate change. The UN has issued a report that says countries aren't doing enough to stop earth's temperatures from warming. It says that the 2015 Paris Agreements aren't enough and need to be strengthened in order to stop near-catastrophic levels of warming.

Meanwhile, India is being plagued by droughts and floods: Climate change has impacted the monsoon. It's unpredictable now. There are long periods of drought and then catastrophic flooding. The New York Times has more.

I love this weird, threatening Papa John's interview: John Schnatter, the pizza brand's founder (its "papa," if you will), had to basically leave the company after first criticizing NFL player protests and then saying the n-word on a conference call. He conducted an interview with Kentucky local news. In it, he claims the man who took over for him "lacks pizza experience," that he himself has eaten 30 pizzas in the last 40 days and the quality has declined, and that a "day of reckoning" is coming. Also, he looks really wet for some reason?

Despite Trump's Syrian troop withdrawal, fighting continues: Two months ago, President Donald Trump demanded a full withdrawal of American troops from Syria. However, today 500 troops are left and they're very much engaged in warfare and counter-terrorism efforts. Troops were withdrawn while it seemed like ISIS was all but defeated. Yet, Trump was warned that their forces were regrouping. Now the war effort continues. It will for the foreseeable future.

Who is throwing shit at people? Multiple people at different Toronto universities have been hit by flying feces. They've been splattered with chucked shit, and police are pursuing the poo flinger. It is not clear whether the two cases at two separate universities are connected.

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Portland man does time, gets assigned essay: For spitting on a Ukrainian car dealership manager and telling him to go back to his country. The man was sentenced to 90 days in jail and will have to write a 500-word essay on "the process of becoming a United States citizen," reports the Willamette Week.

Live footage of Seattle dealing with cold temperatures on the way to work this week:

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