Several people have been stabbed.
Several people have been stabbed. Bim/Getty Images

A Thanksgiving miracle from Bobby Wagner: The Seahawks linebacker was packing up Thanksgiving food for homeless families in West Seattle. Then he just up and bought people's groceries for 30 minutes. “When we were waiting, I saw everyone Thanksgiving shopping, and I thought it would be cool if when they went to the cash register they didn’t have to pay,” Wagner said, according to KING 5. “So I secretly tried to say that I was paying for their meals.”

Speaking of Thanksgiving: Being awake right now is pain. I'm sorry to everyone else who has to work today. Who let me have so much wine?

Seattle man stalked by masseur: A masseur on stalked his client for months post-massage, the Seattle Times reports. After the massage, the masseur started texting the man asking him out on a date. The client declined. Then came the "coincidental" run-ins at the man's gym, the Starbucks near his house, and more. While he was out of town, the masseur allegedly littered garbage across his lawn and left a machete and crowbar next to the front door. The masseur allegedly threw paint on the man's car and his front door, put a tracking device in his car, and showed up naked on his front lawn. Twice.

Great news for rubble fans: And I guess fans of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seattle history. The viaduct giveaway—where you can take home your very own piece of crumbled concrete—has been extended through December. All you have to do is e-mail Friends of the Waterfront and go pick up your piece of viaduct at their office at 1400 Western Avenue. Screw Black Friday deals, this is the holiday gift of the decade.

Burrrrito: It's cold out there.

There might even be a chance for snow on Sunday!

Ohio introduced a bill that orders doctors to "reimplant" ectopic pregnancies: And if they don't, they'll be faced with "abortion murder" charges. Ummmm. There's a lot to unpack here. But let's start with the fact that implanting ectopic pregnancies—pregnancies that form in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus and are life-threatening for the mother—is impossible. There's also the whole "charged with abortion murder" thing for anyone who has or performs an abortion. Ohio is a mess right now.

As of yesterday, that Texas chemical plant was still on fire: There was an explosion at the East Texas chemical plant early Wednesday morning. It was still raging on as of Thursday, and more than 50,000 people were under a mandatory evacuation order.

The oldest living American has died: New York's Alelia Murphy was 114 years old. She was a former seamstress. She was born in 1905. The oldest living person in the world is Japan's Kane Tanaka who is 116 years old.

Will you be participating in the Black Friday climate strike? Kids across the globe are skipping school Friday to strike for the climate.

Stabbing and shots fired reported on the London Bridge: Witnesses reported hearing gunshots. Police are on the scene. A number of people are reportedly injured, and police have detained a man. Update: Several people have been stabbed on the London Bridge.

Small aircraft crashes in Ontario: It killed all seven people on board.

Trump announces new Taliban talks: President Donald Trump said he would be reopening talks with the terrorist group that would put an end to the 18-year war in Afghanistan. Three months ago, he tried to do the same thing but called off the talks. Trump made the announcement during a trip to Afghanistan to visit American troops on Thanksgiving. It's his first visit to the country as president.

A hero: UK police horse Jake refuses to get out of bed for work until he has cup of tea. Click the link. There's a video of him, a big ol' horse, drinking out of a teeny teacup.

Small interlude: Here's a picture of my cat, Juno. She's been hanging out with me while I write. I had to move from my desk because she kept walking on the keyboard. Also, writing while lying down is way easier. I think that's a scientific fact.

Amazon workers are striking in Germany today: German distribution center workers are staging a Black Friday strike. They walked out suddenly last night. Some strikes will last until Tuesday. The workers demand better pay.

The biggest thing to come out of Disney+: Is this meme of Baby Yoda from the new streaming service's show The Mandalorian. I have not seen the show, nor do I understand why Yoda is a baby in it (I guess he would have to be a baby at some point? I don't know), but it sure is cute. Engagement on social-media posts of Baby Yoda is twice as high as any Democratic presidential candidate's social-media engagement.

Love Slog AM/PM?

Who said art was dead? Johnny Depp is reportedly going to produce a Michael Jackson musical told from the perspective of Michael's glove.

Whoops!: I almost forgot a fun fact for your Friday.

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