Trump heard a rumor about himself :/
Trump heard a rumor about himself :/ WIN MCNAMEE/GETTY

A bad day for pedestrians: Sounder trains struck and killed two men on Tuesday in separate incidents, one in Sumner and one in Kent. The man in Sumner's death was ruled a suicide. The second hasn't been confirmed but also appeared to be "the result of intentional actions." Additionally, a third person may have been hit by a train in Carkeek Park.

Gossip at the NATO summit: President Donald Trump is reacting poorly to seeing footage of other world leaders, such as Canada's Justin Trudeau, talking poorly of him and laughing at him. Who could've seen that one coming? Anyway, the leader of the free world called Trudeau "two-faced" and then canceled a later press conference.

The video itself is gold: It's a little huddle of world leaders sipping wine in Buckingham Palace and talking smack. I love it.

Princess Anne also doesn't give a fuck: She didn't shake hands with Trump or Melania. The Queen noticed. Princess Anne just shrugged.

Permanent flavored vape ban is on the way: It's been 120 days since Washingtonians could vape clouds of mint, mango, grape, or whatever other vape flavors there are. Or, maybe I should say there were. The temporary ban is nearing its halfway point, but Governor Jay Inslee and other leaders are looking at taking more permanent action with the flavor ban as well as proposing legislation that will ban bulk sales and cap nicotine levels in noncannabis vaping products, according to the Seattle Times.

Unincorporated areas get new cleanup crew: King County executive Dow Constantine announced a new pilot project where people in poverty and experiencing homelessness can earn wages by cleaning up unincorporated areas around the county. Those areas consist of places "like White Center, Skyway, Fairwood, and East Federal Way," according to KING 5. The group will be called the King County Conservation Corps, and each worker will earn $18-$20 an hour.

Some rain: Fresh off the driest November in 40 years, we'll be getting some showers this morning in the Seattle area. They're expected to clear up for the most part by the afternoon and early evening.

United Airlines needs to replace older Boeing planes: And they're buying from Airbus. Both Boeing and United are Chicago-based.

Puget Sound Energy's "Energize Eastside" plan is a go: The 16-mile power line from Redmond to Renton just had one of its critical conditional-use permits approved. The permit approval was appealed by the two groups (Coalition of Eastside Neighborhoods for Sensible Energy, CENSE, and Citizens for Sane Eastside Energy, CSEE) that have been opposing the project for six years. The Bellevue City Council voted those appeals down 6-0.

If you need to feel something today: Read this Los Angeles Times story about the janitor (and photographer) who recovered the Border Patrol-deemed "nonessential" items of detained migrants that were thrown away at a facility in Southern Arizona.

"China gene-edited baby experiment 'may have created unintended mutations'": Never a good sentence to read. A Chinese scientist gene-edited two twins born in 2018. He ignored medical and ethical rules in order to make the babies immunized against HIV. However, this procedure which utilized CRISPR, the gene-editing tool, may not have worked. It also may have produced unintended side effects.

Ominous: North Korea has said that it's going to send the United States a "Christmas gift." No one knows what this means. On the same day, photos of Kim Jong-un on a horse were released. Maybe the two are related? Or maybe the gift is more nuclear missile launches. Which one is for the US if we were naughty versus if we were nice?

Los Angeles Police Department officer allegedly fondled dead woman: Body cam footage surfaced of the LAPD officer fondling a dead woman's breasts. He is now on leave.

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The Judiciary Committee is holding its first impeachment hearing: It's expected to be a bitter partisan fight. Legal scholars are in the building. They're going to explain the constitutional basis for impeachment and whether Trump's actions fit into that. The Stranger will have more impeachment coverage throughout the day.

North Bend movie theater gets mysterious package: The theater had to be evacuated when a box of "highly contagious" urine samples was mistakenly delivered there. It was meant for a medical clinic in Tacoma.

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