Posters of Greta were hung up all over Seattle during the global climate strike this fall.
Posters of Greta Thunberg were hung up all over Seattle during the global climate strike this fall. Chase Burns

Seattle parents abduct their kids: An Amber Alert yesterday for four children was resolved. They had been abducted—by their mother and father. The children were supposed to be turned over to Child Protective Services because the father was allegedly withholding medication from his kids and threatened them with physical abuse. Police found the family in an RV in Cheney, Washington.


Six dead in Jersey City: The shooting started at a cemetery where the perpetrators shot and killed a police detective. Leaving him dead, they fled to a kosher market in a Hasidic neighborhood, the intended target by the two shooters. A battle ensued; police and helicopters swarmed outside, schools were on lockdown, and traffic was at a standstill. Five more people were killed, three shoppers or workers at the market, and the two shooters.

Trump's anti-Semitism executive order: President Donald Trump is purportedly trying to stop anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli sentiments on college campuses. To do this, he is going to sign an executive order on Wednesday that will interpret Judaism as a race or nationality, not just a religion. That's troubling. The order would stifle anti-Israeli sentiments and organizing—and thus free speech. But it's even more worrisome than that. This rabbi claims the order perpetuates the idea of Jewish people having "dual loyalism:"

King County will maybe beef up security: In order to address the safety concerns outside the King County Courthouse. The main entrance to the building has been closed following several attacks on people going to the courthouse. The county will consider spending an extra $600,000 on additional security.

Border wall funds get blocked: An attempt by Trump to transfer $3.6 billion in military construction funds was just blocked by Judge David Briones, of the US District Court in El Paso, Texas. That's a tough break for Trump, who promised to have at least 450 miles of border wall constructed by November 2020. So much for his reputation as a man with integrity.

Oh, CenturyLink, you tricky minx: The state attorney general's office found that CenturyLink added charges to customers' bills without properly telling them what they were for. That move impacted around 650,000 customers. CenturyLink has agreed to pay $6.1 million to the state.

Sea-Tac won't roll out face scanners at gates: It's the first airport in the country to push back against a new federal biometric identification program that's gradually being rolled out. The Port of Seattle Commission has put a moratorium on the technology until they can adopt enforcement policies. Delta had planned to put facial recognition scanners at its gates by the end of the year at Sea-Tac. Not this year, Delta.

Time's youngest-ever person of the year: Oh my god... it really was Baby Yoda, like Chase predicted in Slog PM! Sorry, no, I'm kidding. It's Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. The 16-year-old sparked a fire in the world's youth and started youth-led climate activism worldwide.

Big man-baby cries about Time's choice: Donald Trump Jr., famously known for his work as Trump's "idiot adult son," is whining about Greta Thunberg's Time cover. He thinks the Hong Kong protesters should have won the coveted title of person of the year.

Fox Nation host sues Fox News: Britt McHenry filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the network and her former cohost George "Tyrus" Murdoch. McHenry had previously filed a complaint with the station against Murdoch, who she said had sent her sexually aggressive text messages and would behave unpredictably and with volatility at work. Fox News didn't really do much, and McHenry alleges her career has suffered from the complaint. So she's suing.

New Zealand needs skin: About 1.2 million sq cm of it from the United States to treat victims from Monday's volcanic eruption. That's 1,292 feet of skin. Six people are dead, around 30 are hospitalized, and eight people are still unaccounted for.

Great news:

Now a look at what's going on in UK politics: Boris Johnson hides in fridge to avoid questions as aide swears at Good Morning Britain reporter.

Border Patrol turns away doctors: A group of doctors called Doctors for Camp Closures had requested access to give flu vaccines to refugees being detained in camps. Border Patrol said no. Three detained children died from the flu in 2018. After the doctors were turned away, protests ensued. Six protesters were arrested.

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Fuck the system: Belgian prodigy, 9, withdraws from college because they won't let him graduate before he turns 10.

What I'm reading this morning: I'm going to finish this New York Times article about racism in the banking industry.

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