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So Lance Sterling (Will Smith) tries to steal an attack drone. It doesn’t work. The agency he works for thinks he stole it because Robohand (Ben Mendelsohn), the guy who did steal it, could copy Lance’s face somehow. They never really explained that.

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And he has to find it, but he turns into a pigeon. To help him turn into a pigeon is this person nobody really knows called Walter Beckett (Tom Holland).

I think Walter was my favorite character because I feel like he’s relatable in some ways. He’s shunned by his superiors and he finds acceptance in the one man he thought would accept him least. I feel like starting with Walter as a child in these animated movies to give this character some backstory is kind of a cliché. But that might make some people angry.

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I thought Spies in Disguise was very excellent. The plot device of someone turning into a pigeon through genetic manipulation was unique, to say the least. I think may have been a little too complicated for some younger kids who may have been the target audience. I think some of it may have gone completely over their heads. Although that might not be true in any way. I’m almost definitely sure there’s going to be a second one of these.

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