Were freeeeee! Until January.
We're freeeeee! Until January. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

There were a number of cringeworthy moments at last night's Democratic debate: With Bernie Sanders coming out as white at the top of the list. The senator literally shouted, "And I'm white!" when asked to comment on Barack Obama's recent statement that the world should be run by women instead of old men. He likely meant this to be funny, but it landed flatter than Donald Trump's approval ratings.

But then it got spicy: Mayor Pete and Elizabeth Warren started fighting over wine caves. Do yourself a favor and watch this clip. It's worth it.

And the winner was… Andrew Yang: Look, he's not going to win and he probably talked less than anyone but Tom Steyer, but he does have a knack for actually answering the questions asked of him, and the bar for these debates is so low that anyone who can manage that wins in my book—especially when his answer to most questions is GIVE PEOPLE MORE MONEY. Plus, his final statement was funny: "I know what you're thinking, America: How am I still on this stage with these people?" He's not wrong.

Warren was also a front-runner: But she not only refuses to answer inconvenient questions (specifically about economists' criticism of her plans), she keeps talking about all these goddamn selfies, as if anyone likes the guy who posts too many selfies. New line, Liz! Get one.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a terrible person: The following tweet, if it makes no sense to you, is a joke about Joe Biden's stutter. If even I think a joke is cruel and insensitive, it is. She deleted it, but not before half of #Resistance Twitter took a screenshot.


There's a flood advisory: For much of Western Washington until midmorning, and up to three feet of snow is expected in the Cascades. Winter isn't coming—it has arrived.

Amid protests, Seattle Public Library delays final decision on hosting radical feminists: The Seattle Times reports that a privately hosted event called "Fighting the New Misogyny: A Feminist Critique of Gender Identity" has caused massive headaches for the library, which now has to balance the concerns of transgender patrons and staff with the speakers' constitutionally protected rights to free speech. The event, which is scheduled to take place in February, was the subject of last night's board meeting, and apparently shit got heated.

An 85-year-old woman shot two people in Federal Way: KOMO News reports that the elder shot two of her roommates, killing one and injuring the other. Investigators don't know what prompted the violence, but Commander Kurt Schwan with the Federal Way Police said, “The age doesn’t really matter to us."

Meanwhile in Canada: People in North Delta, BC, responded to reports of a shooting at a residence only to find a bunch of guys playing with Nerf guns.

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More bad news for Boeing: This time, it's about the Starliner, a newly launched space taxi that failed to make it to its intended destination, the International Space Station. Geekwire reports that the unmanned Starliner burned more fuel than expected, which prevented the rendezvous with the station. But, hey, at least it didn't crash.

But most importantly, I got a puppy: His Christian name is Pretty Boy Brandywine Palmolive Mockturtleneck (or Moose for short. Or maybe Chewey). And I rescued him from a very expensive breeder. Had to pay a ransom and everything. Please leave your puppy-training tips in the comments, and I promise to never, ever, ever refer to him as my fur baby. (He's more of a pelt child, anyway.)


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