The Short Legislative Session Should Not Stop Us From Taxing the Rich



We don't need more taxes.


Let's do it.

They tried to scare us over the minimum wage and they were wrong, they're wrong about this too.


We definitely need a lot more taxes on the rich.

Also, tax the fuck out of the churches.


Uh, yeah. The rich use a ton of government resources they definitely need to pay more.


Taxes are not inherently immoral, but structuring them according to a monolithic ideology that is not set in observable science or peer review that does not adapt to the changing demands of society at large's needs, is destined to fail. It is not the smartest or strongest that survive, but those most responsive to change. Our system is outdated, and the rich or the poor should not be thought of in terms of who deserves their taxes cut more, but what is actually going to sustain economic growth and stability for the most such that the wealthy and indigent alike will see greater prosperity over a decade of a progressive taxation policy, despite larger up-front cost.


I guess ol' Joe has never read the State Constitution that bans income taxes, plus he forgets I-1098 lost by 30% points just a few years ago.

An income tax in Washington State is about as popular as herpes.

You don't want herpes do you Joe?


@6 it doesn't. It merely requires any income tax be a flat tax with only one exemption.

That exemption could be the one you get from the IRS on your federal return. Or it could be a flat $1,000,000 of your income is exempted, and all other income is taxed fully.

But you'd know that if you actually read the Washington State Constitution.


WELCOME to fawking Slog, Senator!

@6 -- Welllllll, there's always the Wealth Tax option, Smacky -- see: Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)'s proposal. Perhaps WA might have a teeny one, too, of our very own....

PS -- "You don't want herpes do you Joe?"
You're not soliciting sex here, right?


"I’ve also proposed a modest and marginal excise fee on corporations that pay executives over $1 million a year"

Don't tell Little Joe this, but Jeff Bezos's salary as CEO of Amazon is $89,000 a year.

"we'd be able to fund necessary programs and lower taxes for people in Washington."

Thanks for the laugh Little Joe.


Voting for higher taxes on the rich is actually the moderate position. There are those who favor a more radical path to wealth redistribution. If you are unwilling to work with those who would peacefully impose a tax, there are others who would be all the more willing to get the job done in ways the peaceniks are unwilling to pursue.

Deal with the moderates before the radicals deal with you.


The thing is the State, County and City coffers are currently collecting record Tax Revenue and the outlook is it will grow. How much is enough? It's a very greedy beast that is being feed record revenue and it only wants more. Isn't there enough waste, unaccountability and corruption already? Just open your eyes and look around.


P.S. Even Bill Gates won't give his wealth to Government because he knows they will waste it. Funny he wants us to.



Where would you like us to look? Medina, or Sammamish?


" you are unwilling to work with those who would peacefully impose a tax, there are others who would be all the more willing to get the job done in ways the peaceniks are unwilling to pursue"

Nice. Give me your money or we'll send the thugs.

Legalized mugging.

Voters have overwhelmingly voted against an income tax in Washington State.


@14, No, just start with the City.


" Voting for higher taxes on the rich is actually the moderate position"

Ok, put it to a vote. I-1098 lost by 30%. I wish you luck. An income tax is as popular as herpes in these parts.


When Warren's Wealth Tax is passed, in a Dem-run Congress, Washington's gonna tag along too with one of our own. If the Feds can do it, and it works, we can do it, too.

And no, I dont play a Tax Accountant cum Lawyer on teevee or anywhere
or profess to know much but I do have Opinions!
If we can think it, we can do it.
It starts Somewhere.


" Warren's Wealth Tax is passed, in a Dem-run Congress"

It's almost like you forgot about the senate.


Remember when Bill Gates’ father supported I-1098 and then Gates was all “I guess it wouldn’t be bad” but then Microsoft essentially funded the opposition campaign?


Only stooooopid people don’t want to tax the rich.


Lousy at the Maths are ya, el19?
Let's try it again (for olde time's sake):
House + Senate = Congress.

Can you say "Bicameral"?
Atta boy!


btw -- ya think Kids these Days (+ the thinking Electorate) are IMPRESSED with Moscow Mitch's "presidential"-dick-sucking Extravaganza taking place in the Senate?

Not likely:
If We, the Dems can give them someone not mostly/solely on the side of The Wealthy, perhaps they just might fucking VOTE this time. It's about Inspiration vs. Fear. Plus (BIG Fucking) Money.*

*entities strip-mining the Citizenry as their (bottomless!) Cash Cow:
Big Pharma
Big ("Healthcare") Insurance
the Military/Industrial Complexity
the List is l o o o o n g
their Profits MASSIVE
their Propaganda STRONG.
and their Psycophants (typically) Wrong.


Sorry (and I know how you're such a
sucker for the spellings): 'Physcophants.'


Figures it would take a non-Stranger writer to get the Stranger to finally talk about your regressive tax system. But merely taxing the richest .01% won't change your state's status as an a moral shithole.

You ALL need to be paying income taxes, with a negative income tax for the poorest 20%. And you need to cut sales taxes. If you don't do this, no amount of additional taxes on the rich will give you a fair system.

@26 It's well documented. And 10-15% is probably understating it. To clarify, this is what they pay in STATE taxes. So when federal taxes are considered the poorest 20% are handing an absolutely immoral amount of money over to the government.


Meanwhile, the revenue estimates from these select taxes on the super rich are laughable. If you had a state income tax that averaged 6% (rich pay more and poor actually get money back but everyone--including YOU the asshole making the median income who thinks he/she doesn't have to contribute fairly--pays taxes) you'd bring in about $32 BILLION a year.


@27 is absolutely correct. A modest state income tax is the way to properly fund a big state with big-state issues.