Julia Sweeney Predicts the Future: "We're in for a Shit Show"

The actress and comedian says, "I hope remnants of our civilization survive. That’s how dark my feeling is."



I’ve always loved Julia Sweeney...
and now I love her even more!!!


@1 Oh for fuck sake.

It's not a perfect show and you can say it wasn't your cup of tea, but it has a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.

"Shrill" Was Executive Produced by notorious amateur Lorne Micheals. It was optioned by that nobody Elizabeth Banks - what has she ever done? It was only based on a New York Times best selling book and named a best book by those Philistines at NPR, ESQUIRE, The LA Times, and NEWSWEEK. It was written by a host of writers who have penned dozens of show between them. But what do they know?

It was directed by several directors including other amateur in the business, Natasha Lyonne, who has only been working in film and television since she was 11 years old.

Cinematographer Joe Mead only has only done meager work for unknown productions like Baskets and Portlandia.

So. Tell me what are your credits of expertise in television production that you can so expertly judge the staging, blocking, writing and directing of a show?


I watched it, and didn't find didn't like it much, and thought it was pretty annoying. But it seemed perfectly professionally made. And had a few laughs. I'll probably watch season two if I'm hungover at some point.


You can think it sucked all you want. But you don’t know shit about film making. You just made some shit up because you have an ax to grind with a fat girl that had the balls to make more money, be more successful, better liked, and more talented than you.

And. Man, I WISH I had a stake in Hulu, (Shrill or any of Lindy, Inc)!

(Though I do know one of the producers quite well. And he’s such an amateur what with his Emmy and all.)


Thank you, Christopher Frizzelle, for an excellent article> Julia Sweeney, you just plain rock!
@2 Original Andrew: Agreed and seconded!
@1 & @4: Awwwwwwww, do intelligent, capable women scare youse?
@6 ProfessorHistory: "And, Man, I WISH I had a stake in Hulu (Shrill or any of Lindy, Inc.)!"
Also agreed and seconded.


Get woke, go broke, mothafucka! :) Just as amazing as Ghostbusters 3, and Charlie's Angels, I am sure. Woke, leftist women ruin everything, and are incredibly not funny.


Wow, some men sure hate when women are intelligent and successful. And Shrill is excellent.


@9. I am a woman. Lol.


@1: Give it a rest, Savage.