This hero then spoke about how weed should be legalized.
This hero then spoke about how weed should be legalized. Tunatura/Getty Images

Another possible coronavirus case in Washington: A patient admitted to the UW Medical Center in North Seattle is currently being tested for the coronavirus. Hospital officials say the patient is in satisfactory condition and that they expect the tests to come back negative. Other patients who have been tested have had negative (as in no virus) results. There are still four people awaiting results.

China has confirmed 6,000 cases of coronavirus: Americans are being evacuated from China. A plane of 200 Americans was flown to Anchorage, Alaska where the passengers will be screened for the virus in a remote location. As of Wednesday, China has said that 132 people have died. That number was 106 on Tuesday. Experts are worried because now people who have not been to China in Taiwan, Germany, Vietnam, and Japan have the virus. British Airways has canceled all flights to and from China.

This is how we're prepping: Steven Soderberg's 2011 movie Contagion has hit the top 10 on iTunes. This is how I would suggest prepping.

Heads up: Brain tapeworms exist???? And this man who had for a decade experienced migraines so painful they made him vomit had one. A tapeworm. In his brain. Doctors think he got it from eating undercooked pork in Mexico.

Boeing has its first annual loss in over 20 years: The 737 MAX 8 (and all of its crashes) is now costing Boeing nearly $19 billion. In 2019, the aerospace company lost $636 million. Comparatively, in 2018, the company had a $10.46 billion profit.

Naturally: Utah bill prohibits people behind on child support payments from getting hunting license.

Look, I don't really even need to put the weather in here: It's rainy. There will be brief periods of not-rain but then it will rain again.

Seattle tent encampment under freeway gets cleared: A drug bust last week at the encampment under I-5 near South Dearborn Street may have catalyzed city officials to clear it. One of the tents had been a base for selling cocaine, heroin, and meth, the Seattle Times reports. Seven arrests were made during last week's bust. Over 80 people resided in the encampment. After notices went up about the clearing, only 30 were left when crews arrived.

PETA wants Punxsutawney Phil to retire: Let the weather-forecasting gopher groundhog rest, says the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They want him to catch some well-deserved rest and replace him with an AI groundhog. This is great news for my horror movie remake of Groundhog Day that I've been working on.

Woman charged with murdering her friend: Heidi Broussard was allegedly asphyxiated by her friend of 10 years, Magen Fieramusca. Broussard went missing back in December. Her body was found in a vehicle at Fieramusca's house and Fieramusca also had possession of Broussard's infant daughter. Fieramusca's bond has been set at $1 million for the alleged murder and $100,000 for the alleged kidnapping.

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Video of me trying to get myself to work out in the morning:

A legend: A Tennessee man was arrested for possession of marijuana. In court, he started talking about how weed should be legalized. While doing so, he slipped a joint out of his pocket and lit it up with a match. He got a couple of puffs in before he was escorted away. He shouted, "The people deserve better!" as he was removed from the court room. He is serving 10 days in jail for contempt.

Special delivery for GOP Senators: They will be receiving these sheet cakes today. The Room Where It Happened is apparently the title of John Bolton's forthcoming book. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell still doesn't have the Republican votes to block Bolton from testifying. Today, senators get up to 16 hours to question both the prosecution and the defense.

Today's best entertainment options are: An evening with Pulitzer Prize-winning #MeToo journalists Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, Can Can's kitschy-glam revue Peacock, and a show with folktronic Jacksonville singer-songwriter Radical Face. See more on our EverOut Things To Do calendar.