Is this the caucus process or Gritty clearing his name?
Is this the caucus process or Gritty clearing his name? BRUCE BENNETT/GETTY IMAGES

All hell breaks loose in Iowa: There were no results last night out of Iowa. An issue with reporting results caused the delay. It's most likely due to a technological update that incorporated the use of a new app that volunteers either didn't use or couldn't figure out how to use. It was a mess. These volunteers are mostly elderly and can someone remind me what the argument is for not having trained government employees run these things? Seems like there could be a better way. Anyway. Last night was chaos. TV news was thrown into complete disarray without having a shred of results to ruminate on. Results should come in sometime Tuesday.

Naturally, Republicans are jumping at this: This breakdown is not going to be good for whatever the outcome of the 2020 election is.

Pine and Third McDonald's owner donates to shooting victims: The man who owns the most notorious McDonald's in the city (probably the state? Unless you know other more notorious Mickey D's, I'd love to know.) is donating $20,000 to help with medical costs for the seven people who were injured in a downtown shooting right outside his restaurant last month. Each victim will get approximately $2,857. The toy inside this Happy Meal is a bit of good PR.

Speaking of that shooting: The alleged shooters are appearing in Las Vegas Justice Court today.

A ferry unfortunate morning commute: The Edmonds to Kingston ferry is out of service this morning due to a train collision blocking all access to the route. UPDATE: As of 7:10 AM the ferry is back in service.

Should Seattle schools be testing for lead in the drinking water? Some state lawmakers think it's a good idea. A house bill in the works would require all Washington public and private schools to test just what's in the water. The states would recoup those costs. Sure, yeah, I'm on board. Tough arguing with that one.

Wet, wet, wet: Some cold. Some wet. Maybe some snow????

Coronavirus, bad for people, bad for trade: Washington businesses are struggling with this whole "almost-a-global-pandemic" thing that has started in China. The coronavirus? Not too hot for exporters especially for those who have already felt strained from the U.S-China trade war that was resolved on Jan. 15. Unfortunately, the coronavirus hit pretty hard right around that time. The Seattle Times has more here.

Harvey Weinstein rape case on pause: The criminal case against Harvey Weinstein ground quickly to a halt yesterday when one of his two main accusers was reduced to sobbing. She had endured four hours of intense grilling by Weinstein's defense attorney and "appeared to have a panic attack," the Guardian reports. The woman, who has said that Weinstein raped her twice, was being accused of lying by Weinstein's lawyer, sex crimes attorney Donna Rotunno. The proceedings will continue on Tuesday.

A second butterfly activist has turned up dead in Mexico: Two men who were avid monarch butterfly activists have been found dead in the last week. Both disappeared in the same area. One was a monarch tour guide, the other managed a monarch sanctuary. Each showed signs of being beaten.

Bottoms up and the devil laughs: Rep. Kent Calfee from Tennessee drinks straight from a chocolate syrup bottle.

Just who created the caucus app? The Democratic tech firm's name is Shadow, of all things. They were paid over $60,000 for their work designing the new caucus app. They are affiliated with and funded by ACRONYM, a Democratic digital nonprofit. In the wake of last night's meltdown, ACRONYM has clarified that they're really just an investor in Shadow.

Trump's (hopefully last) State of the Union is tonight: It will be delivered in the House, where, in case you forgot, he was impeached seven weeks ago. A vote on whether or not to acquit or accuse Trump of high crimes and misdemeanors will happen the following day.

There is a shred of justice in this unjust world: Assault allegations against Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty unfounded, police say.

Today's best entertainment options are: A show with Scottish singer-songwriter Lloyd Cole, a talk with NYU professor of education Diane Ravitch about the future of public schools, and a broadcast of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's stage show Fleabag. See more on our EverOut Things To Do calendar.