No Republican gets to chide Pelosi, or any other Democratic official, for rudeness. They lost that right over the last three years.


You use the state of the union address to sow division and then call someone petty for ripping a transcript, gotta love republicans. Why don't they just grow a pair already and stop getting offended by every little reaction.


Thank the FSM that President Obama killed Osama bin Laden before Dicktatorapist AntiChrist could award him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


“America, founded on the evils of slavery, genocide and the violent exploitation of the working class, is a country defined by historical amnesia. The popular historical narrative is a celebration of the fictional virtues of white supremacy. The relentless optimism and reveling in supposed national virtues obscure truth. Nuance, complexity and moral ambiguity, along with accepting responsibility for the holocausts and genocides carried out by slaveholders, white settlers and capitalists, have never fit with America's triumphalism.

The embrace of collective self-delusion marks the death spasms of all civilizations. We are in the terminal stage. We no longer know who we are, what we have become or how those on the outside see us. It is easier, in the short term, to retreat inward, to celebrate nonexistent virtues and strengths and wallow in sentimentality and a false optimism. But in the end, this retreat, peddled by the hope industry, guarantees not only despotism but, given the climate emergency, extinction.

"The result of a consistent and total substitution of lies for factual truth is not that the lie will now be accepted as truth and truth be defamed as a lie, but that the sense by which we take our bearings in the real world is being destroyed," Hannah Arendt wrote of totalitarianism.


Greatest Speech by an American President since FDR.

Iowa and The Speech highlight a seismic shift that is occurring.
The Identity Politics of the Far Left is driving Black Voters into Trump's arms.

Biden is the only candidate in the Democrap field who had any significant support among Blacks; and that included the black candidates who used to be in the mix.
None of the pasty white clueless yuppie Leftists left move the needle at all for Black Voters.
The Impeachment Madness has only damaged Biden while boosting Trump; if Biden does get the nomination, which is doubtful, he is damaged goods.
And Trump made meaningful outreach to Black Voters last night that is going to peel enough votes away that the Democrap nominee has zero chance to win.

Trump got 12% of the Black Male Vote last time, he will get more this year.
Black Americans are catching on to the BullShit the Left has been shoveling for generations, and are moving on.


The Leftist members of Congress were impressive in their petulant scowling surliness last night as Our President reminded us how great Our Republic and the last 3 years have been;
not a good look;
Independent Voters are also growing weary of The Left.

It must really suck and blow to be you.


@4: Presidents give out these awards like popcorn. Here's proof:

Rush is certainly as deserving as some of them. And Melania awarding it in the House Gallery was because Rush might not be able to make it for a later White House ceremony.


"Nancy Pelosi ripped up Trump's State of the Union address. "

Tonight she can rip up the articles of impeachment.


Trump's presidency:
"You're the drug running through my veins, and the crash right after"
(Adventure Club/Dallas K)


@3 how did they use the SOTU to sow division? Everything I heard was positive (granted I only heard clips from the news etc)


Pelosi also stood up to applaud an actual fascist coup leader (Juan Guaido) so zero points for her little kabuki with the transcript there.


Oh my God, I love that video with the cat. Anyone know what that song is? I need to reinstall Shazam.

So glad I had better things to do than watch SOTU. Forgive me for focusing on more mundane concerns, but I couldn't help but wonder if Nancy Pelosi used the recycling bin.


Pelosi also stood up to applaud an actual fascist coup leader (Juan Guaido), so zero points for her little kabuki with the transcript there.


@10 Here's one example: honoring a republican conservative radio host with a medal during the SotU. That's pure partisanship.


@14 You mean the one trump is meeting with today?


Answering my own question @13: caramelldancing by Caramell. Duly added to my playlist.


@15 That's a stretch, if Rush didn't just reveal that he has lung cancer he wouldn't be getting the award.


8 No, he is impeached. That always stands. Sorry about your being dumb.


what comeback? USA USA is being ridiculed and lauded throughout the world as our status as super power continues to deteriorate. Europe is handed to Russia, Africa developed by China, and our so called civilized society is nothing but.
Once the euphoria is gone and the economy tanks even guns will fail to provide a sense of safety and freedom.


@20, But they are meaningless.


@ 7,

Just think, if we’d had a ban on Slovenian hookers twenty years ago, we wouldn’t have alien porn star Queen Melanoma today.


Does Egan Orion have a profile up on Amazon Dating? I hear he costs around a million and a half dollars and does nothing.


FTFY: “Obese draft dodging child rapist drug addict and old people radio host given medal by obese draft dodging rapist game show host.”



If he dies before the White House ceremony, Trump can always bring the corpse to DC to do bukake onto his face through the open casket door.

I’m sure his poll numbers would only go up.


@ 25,

Ha, ha, that’s 100% correct!

Now we know what it looks like when two lying, sexist, racist, fascist turds polish each other : )

Too bad Dicktatorapist AntiChrist didn’t get a ‘Dallas Goodbye’ after that degenerate shitshow.


@23: Being a former model served Melania well. But she is fashionable, always poised, looks great. I don't think Jill Biden or Jane Sanders will be as glamorous. But that's perfectly fine.


@25 on the button. Un-fucking-believable the insanity of the America we now live in. It would almost be funny if it wasn't so fucked up.


@19 Regardless of whether he contracted lung cancer is beside the point. Honoring someone who only represents your political party at an event that is supposed to symbolize unity is divisive. But that's what petty donald does, that's why he trolls people all day on twitter and can't ever admit to being wrong.


@28, I looked at the entire list of Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients that you posted and not one person on that list is even half as bad as Rush Limbaugh. Do you remember when he had a segment on his show called AIDS Update? That's where he related any news at all about gay people. He told a black female caller to call back when she'd taken the bone out of her nose. Rush Limbaugh is a lying racist sexist bloviating provocateur piece of fucking dog shit of a human being. Mostly for money, because he's utterly soulless. The fact that you think he's fine for the Presidential Medal of Freedom does not surprise me. Having read hundreds of your posts, you have a best average critical capacity, paired with lousy judgment and poor communication ability. I swear to f** God if I was on a ship and I found out you were the captain I would immediately go to a lifeboat and fend for myself.



I can’t say that I know anything about Melania, or really care to. Her role has been so minor, it’s like she’s not even there. I don’t know enough about her to make any real commentary. I could say she has shitty taste in men, but then again, I suppose marrying a billionaire to escape Eastern Europe isn’t a mark of stupidity.

That said, modeling shouldn’t be a real career. It’s one of those bullshit jobs capitalism creates, where nothing useful is generated as a result of their “work”. The irony is, that same critique was applied to socialism in the past. They used to say the Soviets couldn’t last because they’d create meaningless jobs just to keep everyone employed, and most of those jobs didn’t contribute anything useful. Well, can you say modeling contributes anything useful?

There’s a lot of jobs that don’t seem to serve an actual purpose under capitalism. What does a personal style consultant accomplish that benefits anyone? Or a brand ambassador? I knew one of those when I was in grad school, and the whole two years I couldn’t figure out what exactly she did.


We'll all be free of rush soon. Thoughts and prayers
Jk: fvck him and his mother in hell


@32: Weird, as well as intellectually invalid, that you feel the need to deem careers "real" or not.



Why does that strike you as weird? If someone is getting paid for a job, I’d like to know that they do actual work that is in some way useful and that they don’t just sit on their ass and collect money. Otherwise, what difference is there between Melania and someone holding up a sign by the freeway on ramp begging for change?

I guess you could excuse the beggar, as they often have no other option. The model or the ‘brand ambassador’ has many other options, however. So that makes their laziness and unwillingness to perform useful work inexcusable.

Not every career is a valid career. Many careers are just pointless con jobs. Marketing, for example, is a con. By con game, I mean confidence game, as defined traditionally- the legerdemain of card tricks and pickpockets, the archetype being some Victorian Street hustler inviting passers by to a game of three card Monty or guess which shell the pea is under. It’s a sham. All the advertising executive produces is a bunch of illusions to distract the consumer into buying stuff they don’t need with money they don’t have. That’s no different than three card Monty. Nor is banking- if you’re giving out student loans and credit cards to people who are too young and naive to know what they’re getting into, you’re a con artist.

And any system that rewards corruption like that, any system that encourages us all to become crooks ho contribute nothing of value and instead just leech off other people, is a system that breeds parasites.

I don’t see it as intellectually invalid to question that. It seems weird to me that you endorse parasitism.


"Slurrrrrp: That's the sound my brain makes when I look at this radar."

Go on...


Further, if you’re argument is that capitalism is superior to socialism because it is more efficient or because it produces only things of value, then it is valid to question why the jobs it generates produce nothing of value, and why it is so inefficient at serving legitimate needs. The invisible hand of the market should, according to your theory, eliminate such careers. Just as there isn’t a market for buggy whip manufacturing, there should be no market for modelling, as neither one produces anything that the consumer genuinely requires.

You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. If you’re going to insist that capitalism is superior on the basis of this argument, then you must be prepared to answer when your assumptions are proven factually incorrect, when it can be demonstrated that the free market generates inefficiency and produces services and goods of no value at a higher price than goods and services of genuine value.

I put the question to you again- what does Melanie’s modelling career produce that is of benefit to the consumer you claim to be served by the free market that created her position as model to begin with?

Also, what exactly does a brand advocate do?


@25: If someone is making money on something from someone who is willing to pay that money, coupled with compliance to federal and local laws and regulations, are the criterion required to justify whether said career is valid.

If you want to argue additional criteria, be my guest.



Then by that standard, the only thing that makes a heroin dealer immoral is not inherent to the heroin or the sale Theron, but only to a few lines of text appearing in a law book. Since many law books have contained passages which were later erased, can we say that there is anything inherently evil about selling heroin?

You cannot base your morality entirely on lawful or unlawful behaviour, because the law changes. Otherwise, nothing is inherently or in any permanent sense right or wrong, good or evil.


Spellcheck got the better of me again. Theron was intended to be the sale of heroin.


That which is legal is not inherently good. That which is illegal is not inherently evil.

Slavery was once legal. It is now universally acknowledged as inherently evil. Marriage Equality was nice is now acknowledged, not yet universally, but at least by the majority, as inherently good.

The fore, we cannot define whether a career is inherently valid simply because it is legal, or can we claim that a career is invalid simply because it is illegal. The law is a flimsy thing, it changes, and thus, cannot reflect anything inherent.


Here's a Nancy shreds speech gif:


I guess we can stop talking about nancy ripping apiece of paper now


@42: Gay Dude for Romney would be proud.


A shit job is a shit job and most people who have them know it. There's a big difference between a vocation and a check in the mail. I think most workers intuitively know this. Is it a valid career? Sure, it can be if the individual prioritizes the check over the value of their work to society. Is it a career the rest of us need or want, or even more than that, a plus rather than a negative for society? Not necessarily. I can totally judge your job as worthless and shitty in a purely utilitarian manner regardless of whether or not you find justifiable value in it for yourself, your family, or the tax revenue it generates. Both parties are capable of judging it for themselves.


25: Checks out.


Better to rip up a speech than to wipe your ass with the flag.


Ripping the speech was a performance thrown to supporters.
She passed an increase on Trump's military budget. That's what she should have ripped up.


Ooooof! Look at all the triggered leftie trolls in this thread? Leftist tears.... yummmm. Going to be adding that to the bottle on my Dom Perignon I will be popping later to celebrate the acquittal. Who is laughing now? Lolski. MAGA! Pop pop, mothafucka! :) USA!!!! USA!!!!


@48 You are as dumb as you are stupid.


Wandering Star a model is an instrument of marketing. They help sell things people make much in the same way commercial spokespeople or commercial actors do. The fashion industry is a $2.5 trillion industry not including makeup and accessories. Complain about the objectification or harsh environment but it’s every bit a job as the 100s of people have that support the creation of any particular marking.

@48. Your mom has Dom in her basement? Cool.



Advertising, modelling included, is a scam. In a free market, according to the capitalists, the market demand is driven by consumer need and desire. However, advertising artificially creates desire, thereby perverting the invisible hand. Things that are definitely not needed become expensive, and things that are needed become cheap. Diamonds, for example, are mostly worthless. Most of us are not going to cut glass, so what do we need a diamond for? It should be the case that if you were to offer a diamond to someone who has no need for a diamond that they will reject your offer. Water on the other hand is something we all need. You can last maybe a few days without it or you’ll die. So water should be expensive, and diamonds should be cheap. That’s what the invisible hand would do.

But that’s not how it works in real life. Models cause clothing items that do not fill a need to be valuable commodities. This is a profession that undermines capitalism.

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