At least two consecutive dry days are ahead of us!!!!!
At least two consecutive dry days are ahead of us!!!!! ISTOCK / GETTY IMAGES PLUS

Man and son stumble upon ancient bones: While biking on the Olympic Discovery Trail. The man and his 4-year-old son stopped when they saw a skull and shoulder bone down by the beach. The dad thought it was a missing person. Nope, it was actually the 500 to 1,000 year old skull of a Native American. It had appeared from recent erosion to the hillside.

Joe Walsh suspended his campaign: The former Illinois representative was running to be the Republican nominee against President Donald Trump. He said he realized that his party is a cult. He doesn't believe that anybody can beat Trump in a GOP primary.

Some Western Washington schools are closing: Because it's raining so much. I mean, technically the reason is because of flooding. Damn. Check which schools are closed here.

Wow, sex offender beats the system: This guy was convicted of sexual misconduct in Oregon back in 1990. When he eventually moved to Washington, he failed to register on the sex offender registry in this state. He kept failing to register and was eventually convicted for doing so—five times. But this sneaky son of a gun got the conviction overturned when a judge ruled that “the legislature cannot delegate to another entity the ability to determine what constitutes a crime in Washington."

The end is in sight: Today is our last bout of heavy, unending rain. For now, at least.

Washington really wants to legalize sports betting: After a US Supreme Court ruling in 2018 struck down a law that outlawed the practice nationally, states have been gradually passing individual sports betting laws. Fourteen states have passed some variation so far. Washington is close to being one of them, but with a short legislative session, it might not happen until next year.

Missing Kitsap kitty comes home after four years: Helix the cat went missing in 2016. His owners had written him off until he turned up in the local Humane Society this winter. Worse for wear and no longer a friend to their dog, Henry, Helix is home. "All the stories that he could tell you, the scary stories, the great adventures…" one of his owners mused.

Colorado district attorney frustrated he can't prosecute cop: A cop, Nathan Meier, in Aurora, Colorado, was found passed out drunk in his police car. Aurora Police didn't tell EMTs that they smelled alcohol on Meier or in his police car. A DUI specialist was even told not to show up at the hospital. The local district attorney stopped short of calling it a cover-up. “I am incredibly frustrated,” District Attorney George Brauchler said. “Bottom line is if one of us had been in that car, and not officer Nathan Meier, do I think it would it have been treated differently? I do.”

Cruise ship in New Jersey is screening for coronavirus:

That's some bad luck... or bad aim: A Massachusetts man died on Wednesday when his neighbor tried to save him from being attacked by pit bulls. The neighbor fired a crossbow at the dogs. It struck the man he was trying to protect. It was the crossbow bolt that killed him.

It was a balmy 64 degrees in Antarctica this week: That's the warmest it's ever been there. The warming of Antarctica is happening at a much faster pace than the rest of the world. The previous record in the most southern part of the planet was 63.5 degrees. That was set in 2015.

Coronavirus quarantine ramps up in Wuhan: The lockdown has increased. Authorities are conducting house-to-house searches and placing the sick in quarantine centers. Masks have dried up in China, so now they need to start importing them. There are more than 600 dead and 31,000 infected with the virus.

Japan is trying to contain the coronavirus: There are 61 cases of coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship that is being held and quarantined in Yokohama. It will come to the harbor for supplies and return to sea for quarantine. Healthy crew and passengers will have to wait 12 more days on the ship to make sure they don't develop the virus. Of the 61 infected, 11 are Americans.

Jackie Chan is doing his part: And offering $197,000 for an antidote to the coronavirus.

Woo! Jobs: The United States added 225,000 jobs last month. The expectation had been a gain of only 164,000 jobs.

There's a Democratic debate tonight: Happy Friday. It's on at 5 p.m. PST.

Look at these guys:

A Christian activist wants to sue the NFL: For subjecting him to the Shakira and J.Lo halftime show and for putting his soul “in danger of hellfire." He will sue for a meager $867 trillion.

A fun fact for your Friday: Well, I guess it depends on your definition of fun. I stumbled across this yesterday.

This weekend's best entertainment options are: The reopening of the Asian Art Museum, a music festival with brass quartet the Westerlies, and the first weekend of the Broadway touring production of Disney's 'Frozen'. See more on our EverOut Things To Do calendar.