SoundTransit will provide shuttle buses during weekend closures.
SoundTransit will provide shuttle buses during weekend closures. Kelly O

Alert! Alert! Alert! All downtown light rail stations between Capitol Hill and SODO will be closed this weekend for ongoing construction.

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The closures, which will impact the Westlake, University Street, Pioneer Square, International District/Chinatown, and Stadium stations, will begin at 9 PM Friday. Regular service will resume at 5:30 AM Monday, and during this period, SoundTransit will provide shuttle buses (which will run every 7 minutes during operating hours) to circumvent the construction. Fare collection will be suspended during these partial closures, and light rail service will continue as usual between Angle Lake to SODO and UW to Capitol Hill.

If, however, you'd like to skip the buses and walk, you're in for some good news, at least on Sunday, when my weather app promises at least a glimpse or two of the Sun. On Saturday, however, bring your raincoat, your rubber boats, and, if you insist, a tastefully small umbrella that doesn't make you look like an Amazon drone and won't knock your fellow pedestrians off the sidewalk.