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So, this dude named Timmy Failure (Winslow Fegley) lost his father and he’s trying to make up for it by imagining a polar bear for him to act as his parental figure. He’s trying to solve a variety of mysteries using his detective agency. And he talks in this weird way. Like most fifth graders don’t talk like that. And then he crashes a car into his teacher’s house. This kid has done a number of illegal things and should likely go to prison. Refusing to comply with a law enforcement officer in a bank. He entered a restricted area at a dam, and I think that’s illegal. And, you know, like crashing a car into someone’s house.

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I thought the kid who played Timmy was a good actor. Except in that very last scene where he crashes the car into the house, I feel like he didn’t blink and he didn’t change facial expressions throughout the entire movie except for that last scene.

And can I just say a few words about the teacher, Frederick Crocus (Wallace Shawn)? His last name, first of all. What’s with the last name Crocus? He’s annoying and condescending, sure, and I think that’s how they wanted to portray him. I think they did a good job with that.

I guess the message was to be yourself. I felt like they were pushing that at the end. I thought it was funny for being about a kid who has a detective agency had a sense of sentimentality that was good. I feel like it hit home on all points. I would give it four out of five polar bears. While it’s a good movie, it is not a perfect movie.

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made is now streaming on Disney+.

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