I just saw a funny meme where this mouse was leaning against a wall with his paws and a person touched his tiny butt and the mouse freaked out and acted all weird and was like how dare you. The meme said this is “a strict top when you touch their butt." This struck me as maybe an explanation for why a Daddy recently ditched me. I touched his butt as he was laying on his side in bed looking at his phone. He had on tight jeans, so I touched his butt out of desire and he said, "What do you think you’re doing?" And it wasn’t like a sexy, "I am gonna punish you now," type of thing, but instead was more of a, "You really turned me off and upset me" kind of thing. In the moment I missed the mark and thought he was joking. But when I saw that meme, I realized I may have misread his reaction. The part I found confusing is that a large majority of our encounters was me literally grabbing and doing things to his butt and he got off on watching me face deep up in there, and let me do all kinds of stuff to his butt.

So my question is whether this is something that is 1. something I am responsible for bearing in mind when I am with tops and 2. whether it a violation of consent to touch someone like that casually when you know they are strictly a top and 3. if I should be more careful with andy future Daddies or Doms. I like really strict tops/selfish tops and I want to make sure I know more of the best practices.

Mouse Meme And Top Truths

Since there isn't video of this incident, MMATT, I can't issue a definitive ruling about whether you touched your former Daddy's ass in an aggressive or perhaps just a startling manner. But my hunch is that the timing here—the ass grab being quickly followed by the termination of the relationship—was just a coincidence.

I mean, it's not like your late Daddy—or Daddy of late, I should say—had a strict "no butt stuff" rule, like the mouse in the meme. (?) If a large majority of your encounters involved you doing stuff to his butt... and that stuff included burying your face in his butt... then it's not like this guy had the butt stuff equivalent of a peanut allergy.

And while you may have startled him and/or annoyed him when you grabbed his fully-clothed rear end (prompting that enigmatic an open-ended question), it's hard to square aggressive butt play (with him on the receiving end) with casual butt touch (ditto) somehow nuking an otherwise good relationship. Even if every other time you touched his ass it was on his orders, MMATT, it wasn't unreasonable for you to assume that casual, affectionate butt touch was permissible or even welcome given all the time you'd spent with your face buried in his ass. And we're talking about affectionate touch of a denim-covered rear end here, not the sudden penetration of his hole or anything—a distinction with a very clear difference.

No, my guess is that Daddy was annoyed by the touch not because he was a "strict" top with a "no butt stuff" rule (which obviously wasn't the case), but that Daddy was already annoyed with you—and ready to end things with you—for other reasons.


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