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"Be Nice to You"
You heard em.
You heard 'em. Jasmyne Keimig
Sometimes, stickers come to me in moments when I really need them. I saw this one yesterday on my walk to work, somewhere along 13th Ave. Look at how content that face looks! Look at the clarity of the open eye! I felt much more centered once I walked into work.

"Bring Your Vodka and Your Charlie, Drew Carey is Having a Party"
A lot of things going on here.
A lot of things going on here. JK
Truly one of the wildest stickers I've seen recently. What does it all mean!?! Surely "Charlie" must mean cocaine. But the phrase is apparently some sort of soccer chant where any name can be subbed in. It looks like it originated with football (soccer) striker Jamie Vardy who became a cult hero playing for Leicester City. Drew Carey is a minority owner of the Seattle Sounders and all the trophies above are ones won by the team. The party is definitely at his house, I guess. The more you know!

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"I Might Be Delusional"
*am. There, fixed it for you.
*am. There, fixed it for you.
This one is relatively new. I'm pretty sure this is the work of starheadboy who has got a lot of great work up all over town.

"When Men Stop Being Assholes, I'll Stop Being a Bitch"
Sorry, Im going to be a bitch no matter what.
Sorry, I'm going to be a bitch no matter what. JK
You could probably find a poster of this at Marshall's. I'm pretty sure I had one.

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please email me at