On this most Hallmark of holidays, we are conditioned to believe that Valentine’s Day must feature a candlelit dinner and heart-shaped chocolate boxes. If there’s music, it’s probably a Frank Sinatra cover singer serenading you with “Moon River.”

But you and your sweetheart are not that cliche. Maybe you’ve already got a pre-paid reservation to an overpriced multi-course prix fixe dinner tonight—one that would cost one-third less if it were any other Friday night. If that’s the case, I urge you to down a double espresso after dessert and spend the waning hours of your V-Day in the K-Hole.

Actual ketamine is optional, but comfortable shoes are required, because Josh Wink is headlining tonight at Kremwerk. I don’t use the term “living legend” lightly, but in the world of rave culture he has earned that hallowed status for a dedication to the craft of DJ culture that began in adolescence. At age 13, when I was still proud of bursting into my Bar Mitzvah ballroom to the tune of Smashmouth’s “All Star,” Josh was already apprenticing to a mobile DJ outfit in his native Philadelphia and quickly segued to the city’s house party scene.

By 1988, when the so-called Summer of Love 2.0 swept Europe and beyond on the backs of the squelchy addictive sound of acid house (and generous consumption of MDMA), Josh rode the underground rave wave up and down the East Coast. The rest is history, aptly told in former Stranger columnist Michaelangelo Matos’s book, The Underground is Massive.

Eventually, the talented DJ picked up the production mantle. In 1995, he released his seminal track, “Higher State of Consciousness,” which set dancefloors ablaze and picked up a slew of remixes. As you decide how to finalize your Valentine’s Day plans tonight, this juicy tidbit of basslines and breakbeats should set the mood. After all, that mind-blowing orgasm you’re going to give your partner tonight (before dinner, of course, because remember: fuck first)? If it puts them in a higher state of consciousness, then a job well done.