More like Bloomblerg, amiright?
He may have helped win the House for a lot of moderate Democrats in 2018, but he’s also partly responsible for Mitch McConnell’s Senate in 2016. DREW ANGERER/GETTY IMAGES

The 9th Democratic debate takes place in Las Vegas on Wednesday, only three days before the Nevada caucuses. For the first time ever, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg—the 9th richest person on the planet and only one of the billionaires trying to buy the Democratic nomination—will join his rivals onstage.

With Eli Sanders out today, Rich Smith, Dan Savage, and Katie Herzog offer a brief preview of the debate and a not-so-brief review of Bloomberg’s past and the many problems he poses for the future.

After that, Jasmyne Keimig, Chase Burns, and Rich talk about feeling the Bern at Sanders's 17,000-person rally in Tacoma, Washington. They analyze Bernie’s appeal, and, for the umpteenth (and final?) time, address the coarse discourse of a minority of Sanders’s online supporters.

Finally, Chase, Jasmyne, and Rich gush over two great, gay romances playing in a cinema near you. In Portrait of A Lady On Fire, director CĂ©line Sciamma tells the story of a woman painter commissioned to paint a portrait of a subject who refuses to sit for it. And Then We Danced, directed by Levan Akin, looks at, among other things, forbidden love between traditional dancers in the country of Georgia.

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.