A makeshift memorial to Kobe on Jan. 28.
A makeshift memorial to Kobe on Jan. 28. David McNew/Getty Images

Rapist Harvey Weinstein is sitting in jail: Well, almost. After being found guilty of two felony sex crimes, Weinstein was reportedly stunned. “But, I’m innocent,” he told his lawyers three times, then was taken to Bellevue Medical Center after showing signs of high blood pressure. Weinstein faces five to 29 years in prison and will be sentenced on March 11. A judge ordered he be held in jail until his sentencing. Vulture outlined some of the craziest moments from the trial, including Gigi Hadid showing up to court, Weinstein wanting to distance himself from Bill Clinton, and that naked pic of Weinstein's body.

Did you hear about the stock market? It's bad. The Dow had its third-biggest point drop ever today. The worst-performing stocks include Foxconn Technology, which handles the final assembly of Apple's iPhones, and travel and technology-related stocks. It's the coronavirus's fault. Maybe?

The downtown Macy's is officially closed: Forever. See ya, baby. Thanks for the closeout sales.

Get ready for the Bloomberg barrage: The Bloomberg team "plans to unleash its cash-flush media operation against Bernie Sanders in the wake of the Vermont senator’s resounding victory in the Nevada caucuses," reports CNBC. The attack will be "multipronged" and include "the publication of opposition research." Things look like they're about to get nasty as we enter the pivotal election before Super Tuesday. Tomorrow's debate, hosted by CBS News in Charleston, will probably feature everyone aiming for Sanders, even though the moderates need to steal from each other to build a coalition to beat the Bern.

The Bloomberg team took to Twitter today to highlight recent vandalism at their offices: I'm sure this won't backfire.

And I— Oop.

Meanwhile: Over at the Bernie HQ in Seattle.

You're not imagining it: People are fucking rich around here. Bloomberg released a report this morning that estimated tech workers in Seattle make an average $5,367 per week, roughly $279,000 a year. That's 56% more than an average NYC finance worker, who makes around $3,437 a week.

Seattle is getting even more liberal: Hear that? It's Dori Monson wailing in the distance. In Seattle, "identification with the Democratic Party is at its highest point in the past 10 years," writes FYI Guy Gene Balk. We're 1% more liberal than Los Angeles and 1% less liberal than San Jose. San Francisco ranked the most liberal.

If you want to see Kanye West, go to: Cody, Wyoming? The New York Times published an excellent feature on Kanye living in the small town of Cody. He's packed up most of his operations and moved them there, and "hopes the town will be for him what Dayton, Ohio, was for the Wright brothers." Although, as the Times notes:

In the past several years, Kanye has announced so many plans. That he wants to start a church. That he plans to run for president in 2024. That he will invent a method for autocorrecting emoticons. That he aims to redesign the standard American home. That he might legally change his name to “Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West” for a year.

It can be hard, with Kanye West, to separate concrete plans from jokes, fancies or outlandish aspirations. For now, the people of Cody have to wait and see what develops.

Are the little microplastics going to kill us all? Microplastics are everywhere—"from the water to the guts of fish and the poop of sea otters and giant killer whales," reports AP. And yet we don't really have any idea what these microplastics do to animals or humans. This week, around five-dozen microplastics researchers are meeting in Bremerton to try and figure it out.

Run for some tissues: The Kobe and Gianna Bryant "Celebration of Life" happened today, and it's a doozy. The ceremony included speeches from Bryant's widow, Vanessa, and also Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal. Beyonce performed. So did Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys. Some highlights, picked out by Vulture: