Give Inslee credit -
He certainly didn't ask for this health disaster to be dumped into WA state - but at least his outreach is aimed at protecting the public.
This is unlike Orange Bonespurs, who is only worried about his poll numbers!


Yeah, Inslee is a good man who is actually qualified to do his job. Weird, right?


Thanks for not waiting for Tolstoy Trump to do anything.

I ate at a Vietnamese place today, probably eating at a Chinese place tomorrow.


Bless you and thank you, Governor Jay Inslee!
@1 pat L: Inslee and so many of us here in the Evergreen State have known ever since Trumpty Dumpty stole the White House thanks to Vladimir Putin, The Koch brothers and Big KKKorporate, the NRA, and the outdated electoral college that we'd all have to take serious matters in our own hands in the current Err of Trump / Pence.

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