Hell always have American Samoa.
He'll always have American Samoa. DREW ANGERER / GETTY IMAGES

Biden's big night: Who brought Uncle Joe's campaign the defibrillator? Just kidding, we know it was South Carolina. Biden won Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, and six other states. Bernie Sanders won California, the biggest prize of the night (also Utah, Vermont, and Colorado). The two-man race we saw last night left candidates like Senator Elizabeth Warren and moneybags Mike Bloomberg in the dust. Currently, Biden leads the race with 453 delegates, Sanders has 382, and Warren is in a distant third with 50. Biden's strength came from older voters and black voters. Sanders saw success with younger voters, Latinos, and liberals.

Voting is not as easy as it could be: The last person to vote in Texas waited in line for seven hours just to do it. Since 2012, 750 polling places have been shut down statewide. It's made it harder for minorities to vote. Voter suppression in 2020!!! You just fucking love to see it.

BREAKING: Mike Bloomberg has just suspended his presidential campaign. He didn't quite have the night he paid for last night. Though he was polling at a worrisome 22 percent in Colorado. Bloomberg has endorsed Joe Biden. Bye, Bloomberg. Drown your feelings in some big gay ice cream.

Employees of EvergreenHealth hospital in Kirkland are worried: That they were exposed to COVID-19. Seven of nine deaths from coronavirus in Washington (and in the United States) have occurred at the Kirkland hospital. EvergreenHealth has not been transparent about the risk to the people who work there, according to Evergreen employees. Some nurses found out that patients they treated had COVID-19 only after they had already treated and been exposed to them.

Check to see if your Washington school is closed: KING 5 has a list of school closures. Hazen High School in Renton will be closed for the rest of the week after a student there tested positive for the coronavirus.

Good news! Anyone can now be tested for the coronavirus. Vice President and COVID-19 Captain Mike Pence announced that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has lifted all restrictions on coronavirus testing for Americans. However, the supply of tests won't meet the demand for weeks.

Need coronavirus info? Check out this 17-year-old's website. He's from Mercer Island.

REI shuts down campuses: Three of the outdoor retailer's Washington corporate campuses have been closed down after two incidents of potential exposure to the coronavirus.

Coronavirus death rate surpasses flu death rate: Globally, the death rate is 3.4 percent, according to the World Health Organization. That's deadlier than the seasonal flu. However, it does not transmit as easily, WHO said. For the first time, the death rate for the disease is higher outside of China. The virus has also arrived in India.

Italy is basically shutting down: Public events, cinemas, theaters, and more are shutting down across the country. Italy is also deciding whether it will close all schools and universities until mid-March. The country is trying to limit the spread of COVID-19. More than 2,500 people are infected.

National media gets it wrong: NBC News called Seattle a "ghost town." I mean, sure there were like five people missing from my yoga class last night, but the city seemed perfectly busy yesterday. Any other Seattle residents reject this characterization?

New Hampshire's first coronavirus case: The patient tested positive for COVID-19. They were ordered to stay isolated but decided to go to an invite-only event across state lines in Vermont instead.

Indiana police say they'll test illicit drugs for coronavirus: This was the text of a now-deleted Facebook post by the Montpelier Police Department: "Like many of you, we know that several of these popularly used street drugs have made their way into our communities from countries that are overwhelmed with devastating Coronavirus outbreaks, meaning your stash could be contaminated," the department wrote. "Beginning Monday, you can bring your Meth, Heroin, Fentanyl, Carfentanil, Cocaine and other illicit street drugs in for FREE testing!! That's right,...Free!! (for large quantities, please call ahead)."

Enough about the possible pandemic, let's talk about good health news: In a first, doctors have tried the gene-editing tool CRISPR inside someone's body. Doctors at the Casey Eye Institute in Portland, Oregon, are trying to make people with a genetic kind of blindness see. Read more here.

What peace deal? The ink is barely dry on a peace deal between the United States and the Taliban. Still, the US just hit the Taliban with an air strike. American forces say the strike was defensive since the Taliban was attacking Afghan checkpoints.

Tacoma is getting a pro soccer stadium: The Tacoma City Council just approved plans to build a $60 million stadium that would seat 5,000 people. It would be built for professional women's soccer (go Reign!). The Seattle Sounders and the Tacoma Rainiers would also get to use it. Currently, soccer teams in Tacoma play on a baseball field.

Melbourne man fishes necklace out of store: He cut a hole into the window of a high-end boutique. Then he spent three hours trying to fish a Versace necklace off a mannequin with a fishing pole. Well, technically he had to use two different fishing poles to make it work. He got the necklace.

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