Jess Stein

"Art/Not Art Arrows"
Spotted near the Shell station on 10th.
Spotted near the Shell station on 10th. JK
What the fuck? Someone's trying to steal my gig!

"Yo Barber! Give Me That 80s Geek Look!"

Love it when the sign does that.
Love it when the sign does that. JK
Spotted on First Hill. Took this at night while it was raining, hence the weird reflection from the sign. This seems like such a specific sticker, but the only thing I can find while rooting through the phrase on the internet is that you can buy a shirt off Redbubble with this design. The seller looks like they are based in Snoqualmie. In any case, is this an '80s look? It seems more army brat if you ask me!

"Know Smoking"
Love a sticker intervention.
Love a sticker intervention. JK
Get it?

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Spooky. JK
Spotted just up the hill from Indian Summer Vintage. I'm pretty sure this is the work of Seattle artist Brandon Vosika. He loves skulls!

BONUS: Astoria Edition

"2thless Tooth"
Isnt it cute!
Isn't it cute! JK
I took a short little vacation to Astoria, Oregon last weekend. It's so cute! And haunted! And full of kind people and vintage shopping! Spotted this toothless wonder outside a coffee shop in the downtown area. It looks like this baby is found all over the Pacific Northwest.

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