With so little testing being done this country will never have true numbers as to how many people had Coronavirus when it is all over. We will not even have an accurate accounting of the dead. Trump's administration and its depraved indifference to life is truly incomprehensible.


Holy crap!
I'm glad you are better!!


Get well soon Mr Burns


Glad you're feeling better young fella :)


Sure. Go ahead and vote for Bernie Sanders. It won't make any difference now.


I hope it'll be OK with you when we vote for Biden in November.


Get well soon guy


On Bernie: "Public introspection is not Mr. Sanders’s go-to move. But he gave it a shot. Near the end of the seven-minute video [linked below] posted on his Instagram account in October, after swipes at 'corporate media' and a pitch for 'Medicare for All,' the candidate haltingly admitted that his hospitalization had indeed prompted him to take stock.

'Look, I go around once, I have one life to live,' an ever-so-slightly choked-up Mr. Sanders said into the camera, standing in a red-walled room at his house in Burlington, Vt. 'What role do I want to play?'"



Thank God the bug passed and not you, Chase.

Perhaps if you were to save some of your Urine, for 'doktor' Nelson, or perhaps an actual Dr. to evalute. Store it, obviously, in a Corona bottle so you'll remember. Don't forget to remember to keep the specimen well-chilled, and we'll soon find out.

Good Weekend!
and Thanks
4 the words.


Don't forget to spring forward Sunday morning to Daylight Savings Time.


'What role do I want to play?'

Destroying the economy after he quickly runs out of other people’s money for all the “free” shit.

Been there, done that. Google James Callaghan and the IMF.


Donut be Silly, Fascism's Rotten Core -- the Billionaires're vacuuming up all the Spare Change the Middle Class once got to keep, way back in Yesteryear -- now it's Socialism for the Rich, Rugged Individualism for everyone else, and no, Sadly, we "cannot Afford" to join the Rest of the Civilized World.

Are you a Billionaire
or do you merely
work for them
Pro Bono?


Why exactly will you be "so embarassed" if Biden gets more votes than Sanders in WA?


JOE-mentum! It's a thing.


that must be why he doesn't have any journalists working for him


Vote Biden. He's younger and has more support from people who will actually bother to vote. Don't listen to do nothing twenty-somethings. They all talk a big game but never follow through.


@18 Many kids are flakes. I tried to mentor a 30-ish hairdresser with a degree in fine arts on improving her lot in life by embracing digital design and web technology. She showed up for a couple lessons, but never did any of the work.

Math and computers don't care how pretty you are or admire your coquettish smile. You have to put in the time and effort or you get nowhere.


@15: It is strange, considering that Joe and Jill dress better than Bernie and Jane.


@19 -- very Generous of you to mentor...

Perhaps when the tendonitis takes over
she'll heed your advice.


Buh bye, Mick, and enjoy Belfast! In Trumpworld, Special Envoy = Special Ed.


@21 Woody Allen may be a pedo, but he was totally right when he said "90% of life is just showing up." At your job, at your lessons, and at the voting booth.


"I tried to mentor..." = "I browbeat this young woman into listening to me mansplain the glories of techno-Utopia, but after a few lessons, she got sick of my patronizing tone and quit. The Youth of Today, amirite?"


@24 I'm a woman, spunkpuppy. We can do math too. Back to the drawing board.


Seattle Colleges will suspend in-person instruction starting Tuesday, so make sure you know how to use Canvas to do assignments and tests.

Yes, all of the campuses.


@11 No.

We voted against Daylight Savings Time in BC, WA, OR, and CA.

I am not changing my clocks. I am done with that.



This Bernie supporter thanks you for your service. If we are going to win I can't be an asshole either.

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