Look, its bad.
Look, it's bad. GOLERO/Getty Images

Coronavirus hell continues: And it keeps on getting worse. The current number of infected people in Washington State is currently 136. Of those, there are 19 deaths. Those numbers should be updated at 2 p.m. on Monday.

Bill Gates to the rescue: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is working on a project that will supply anyone who wants one a home testing kit for COVID-19. A person will fill out an online survey about their symptoms and their habits and then swab themselves at home. It should take only two days to get results and, whenever it's put into action, could "turn the tide of the epidemic," the Seattle Times reports. The only issue is there's no telling when the program will be operational.

China and Taiwan have both developed rapid testing kits: China's tests for COVID-19 antibodies in 29 minutes. Taiwan has developed antibodies that can identify the protein that causes COVID-19 in a matter of 15 minutes.

A $2 million COVID-19 response fund: Philanthropic groups and some big corporations are banding together to help with economic stability for vulnerable populations. It's not clear who exactly will receive the funds and how they will be distributed, but some money will be going to gig-economy and health-care workers, communities of color, uninsured people, and many more.

Find out which schools are closed today: KING 5 has got you covered here.

You know it's real when: Costco has announced that it will be temporarily suspending free samples.

Other drastic measures: King County churches told their congregations to meet online. Governor Jay Inslee has said that the state is exploring the idea of more strongly enforcing social distancing. We're not exactly sure what that means, but things are going to get stricter if this thing is going to be contained.

Ugh, daylight saving time: The bad time change was yesterday. I hope you all remembered to set those clocks forward!

A breath of non-coronavirus air: Look at this bear. It kept stealing this man's honey, so the man turned the bear into a honey taster.

Stocks are bad: That's my expert opinion. From the actual experts, the market opened 1,800 points down and the S&P 500 fell 7 percent. That triggered a 15-minute halt in stock trading. Forbes has more here on what that means. The global markets are doing similar things. Oil prices have plummeted by 31 percent. Europe isn't doing too hot, especially as Italy has locked down its financial hub of Milan. Anxiety is high as it becomes clearer that that may have to be emulated in other parts of the world.

And some more support for Uncle Joe: Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris have just backed Joe Biden for president.

It's chilly out there:

Tennessee hospital won't charge tornado victims: Cookeville Regional Medical Center said they would not be charging the 82 people who were treated for injuries after last week's tornado. The hospital will charge patients' insurance and take whatever the insurance pays as the full fee. Uninsured people will not be charged. I love our backward health-care system!!!

Well, that somehow worked out: A Chicago man was shot in the head. He managed to drive himself to the hospital, despite the gunshot wound to the head. He's now in serious condition.

Prisoners riot in Italy: Riots and fires broke out at a prison in Modena, Italy. Prisoners rioted after the prison shut down friends and family visits due to coronavirus concerns. Prisoners took guards hostage and set mattresses on fire. Six prisoners died.

Michigan senator needs to cool it: Republican senator Peter Lucido is headed to sensitivity training. Why? He allegedly made inappropriate comments to women during a previous sensitivity training.

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