Seattles cruise ship season could be in trouble.
Seattle's cruise ship season could be in trouble. 1Photodiva / Getty

The primary election is today! Did you cast your ballot? Even more important, did you remember to mark which party you're affiliated with so your ballot counts? There are 352 delegates up for grabs tonight as Michigan, Washington, Missouri, Mississippi, and Idaho have primaries and North Dakota has a caucus. Solidarity, North Dakota, we were you once. Ballot drop boxes close at 8 p.m.


"Coronavirus travel warning could impact upcoming cruise season": The travel warning and the fact that cruise ships are proving to be fun little floating coronavirus prisons could impact the upcoming cruise season. If you're planning on going on a cruise—or are scouting discounted cruise ship tickets—please talk to me. Cruise lines are saying they're open for business, but ports around the world have limited disembarking and the US State Department is recommending not to travel by cruise. The Port of Seattle is in a pickle, since every time a cruise ship docks here, $4 million dollars goes into the local economy.

Putin moves the goal posts: Vlad thinks that he really should be able to seek two more terms in office as president of Russia. On Tuesday, he said he would support legislation that would make that happen. Putin was first elected in 2000. This legislation, if passed, would allow Putin to be in power until 2036.

Mandatory sex-education bill passes in Washington Senate: Republicans are sweating.

A Boeing employee has come down with COVID-19: According to the New York Times' Mike Baker.

Travel nurses respond to Washington's call for help: Washington State is in need of nurses and other health-care workers. They've sent out the call for additional hands, and more than 200 people have responded. They're coming from all over and know what's at stake (hint: their own health). In order for a nurse to be able to work in Washington, they must have a license or be able to get one in a week.

Soccer with no fans: Spain and Portugal will be playing soccer matches in empty stadiums in order to combat the coronavirus outbreak. Some games in Germany will also do this. The next two weeks of games at least will have no spectators, the Spanish league has announced. Portugal said the same and also took the step of suspending youth soccer programs until March 28. Italy announced its suspension of all sports until April 3. Look, I'm no epidemiologist, but the United States does not feel too far out from implementing some of these measures.

They may be missing the point here: "Someone allegedly organized a ‘COVID-19 Awareness Run’ in Malaysia and expects about 2,000 participants."

Man gets caught in "geofence warrant": A Florida man received an alarming message from Google. The police wanted to look through his Google account. Unless he went to court to block it, Google would release his data. It turns out, he was a suspect in a burglary because he had used an app to track his bike ride around his neighborhood. His route had taken him past where a burglary had taken place three times on the same day the burglary happened. Because of his data, he was a suspect in a crime he didn't commit.

Joe Biden said he would veto Medicare for All: In an interview with MSNBC, Biden was asked if he were president and a Medicare for All bill came across his desk, if he would veto it. He said yes, citing "delays" and "cost." Joe, read the room. We're in the middle of a coronavirus outbreak, my guy. Elizabeth Warren still has not endorsed a presidential candidate.

Did you know Kenya had a white giraffe? She was the only female white giraffe and had given birth to a calf. Poachers killed her and her calf. Only a white male giraffe remains.

For 27 years, yoga has been banned in Alabama public schools: It was seen as "non-Christian." Lawmakers are considering reversing that with a proposal that would "allow stretching" but still forbid "namaste."

The stock market rebounds: The S&P 500 was up 2 percent at the start of trading on Tuesday. Oil prices have recovered. Whatever recovery has not made up for Monday's steep global plunge.

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Yikes: Iran is reporting 900 new cases of coronavirus. There are more than 8,000 cases countrywide. The death toll is 291.

St. Patrick's Day parades canceled in all of Ireland: Due to coronavirus concerns.

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