So Long... For Now



Good Morning Katie,
You certainly haven't irritated me. Keep up the good scrutinizing work. Do take care of yourself and your loved ones.

And like a Boy Scout, be prepared!


You're a very talented writer with the guts to voice unpopular, yet fair opinions and back them up without losing sight of yourself. I dog on you a lot, but mostly for sport, and I enjoy reading your pieces. Truck the haters (or worse).


All evidence suggests you are good people Katie. Good luck to you. Will miss your pieces. Usually I love them, but even when I don't they they still spark something in me and usually have some good information in there. I thought I saw your name over on some Guardian thing. If so, I'll look for you over there too.


Katie Herzog, this is a stand-up move on your part, and I'm looking forward to seeing your byline back in the paper in eight weeks.

I know I've made my contribution to keeping this media outlet afloat, however awkward I may have felt about it not being a non-profit like the media outlets I normally contribute to (as opposed to subscribing to). Oh, and subscribe too to the paywall outlets, people! When it comes to a free press, freedom isn't free.


You will be missed. As for hobbies, it's a good time to get into snow shoeing: hard to get more socially isolated then our wilderness areas in the winter. From Bremerton you have fantastic access to the Olympics. It will also give you an opportunity to burn off some of your dogs excess energy.


You and Eli are the only intelligent signs of life at The Stranger. I'm old enough to remember when skepticism of the prevailing narratives was applauded.

You'll be missed.


"And nothing of value was lost."

Did your balls finally dropoff Weinerwurst?


You sure have a lot of haters but I'm not amongst 'em.
Get that puppy a good long walk in the woods and keep your eyes peeled for Verpas and Oysters should be popping up soon.


wasn’t it you who mocked ecb for being patreon’ed?

furlough is not good enough, just quit.


If SLOG commenters are calling on you to be fired then trust me you're doing something right.


Grinding axes to the end.


Hurry back Katie. Best wishes in the meantime.


Always appreciate your contributions even when I'm not in full agreement. I used to take my dog out cross country skiing when the opportunity presented itself, and would recommend it as a pleasant and time consuming pastime and great way to get your dog ample exercise. Good luck!


You should check out Critical Role.
Its "a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors sitting around playing Dungeons and Dragons."

Hundreds of hours of content.


Ohhhhhhhh title the book you'll write in the next two months Lockdown in Bummertown!


We love you Katie! You’re a talented writer with a bright future ahead of you. I’ll be looking forward to the fruits of your furlough.


You make the most insane, blindly partisan and incoherent rage golems on here apoplectically mad anytime you write anything, and so you will be greatly missed.

Maybe this place will still exist in eight weeks, who knows?


Looking forward to your return.


Good luck, Katie. Enjoy the time off and know that we will be waiting for you to return. We will miss your point of view.


Good luck, Katie! Hope to see you back soon.


Yes, thanks for your columns, and hope you are back soon.


a great opportunity to pump up a hundred orthodox heterodox takes to bursting in anticipation.


Take care of yourself and looking forward to your return


See ya later Kate. I'll be here.


Take care of yourself Katie and thank you for taking one for the team.


It'll be good to get back to your own turf for awhile.


No! I love your writing, Katie. Macramé and bowling just don't seem like good options right now. Learn an instrument, outside. Blast some music and dance, outside. Garden, outside, duh. Draw, outside. Go look for hummingbirds--they're all over right now. I just did a bunch of pruning, came in and realized that I had set aside all the inundations of C-19 for a blissful while (and that the natural world doesn't much care about any of this). Go hand out lunches with Seattle Public Schools and appreciate that public schools do so much more for kids than just "teach". I'm quilting (doesn't take much cash) and painting walls (takes some cash) and not touching my face. Life is grand.


You rule, haters drool. Will be watching for you on the blue bird.


Enjoy your leave of absence, Katie.
A little fresh Perspective can
sometimes do Wonders.

"(What I will not be doing is watching any more goddamn debates.)"

I will NOT be missing Sunday nite's get-together starring Bernie and Biden, giving us our first glimpse of Smokin' Joe mano-a-mano with the Senator from Vermont; let's see if Joe's got what it takes; his first few Debates did not serve him well, let's hope, if he's gonna be Our Guy, that he's got the Stones to stand up to the raging Cheatolini.

(My prognostication is that biden'll say fuck it, you Want it Bernie, you Got it -- this is WAY more than I bargained for; life's too damn short for four long years of this shit -- Go get 'em Bernie!) (But I'm not [yet] laying odds).


Good Luck Katie,
this is sad news
you did good journalism
(and the only 'journalism' found in this cesspool of Leftist Propaganda...
Hopefully you will find and outlet that deserves you

The dickless millionaires who own and run this rag (Kuck and Doorknob Danny)
should dig into their own greasy pockets to pay for your salary
They love to pontificate about how others should treat employees but are in fact hypocritical greedy 1% scum when you peel the phony veneer off.

it is rich to see them begging for handouts,
after years of pushing an agenda of panic and hysteria and dependency and helplessness when their city implodes in a quivering spasm of self-induced economic coma it is nice to see them first in line of the screwed over...


Katie, I greatly and truly appreciate your gift for exploring the alt-alt-alternatives to alt-whatever hivemindedness. I well know it's not an easy beat.

Hope to see you back, tho my working assumption is I will not be, so thanks and fare well.