Delivering Babies During the Coronavirus Crisis



Just this afternoon I was talking to my wife -- who is a nurse -- about how people are saying we should be concerned, but not panic. I was thinking about what it means to panic over a slow motion natural disaster, such as this. I get that people are overreacting (e. g. never leaving their house) but to me that isn't panicking. To me panicking is not only overreacting, but doing so in a way that does actual harm. People panicking in a crowded theater have been known to stampede over a fire, and cause more death than the fire itself. I couldn't think of an example of that with this pandemic, but know you've listed a great example.

There is a special place in hell for anyone who steals surgical gloves. Not only is it evil, but its stupid. Regular gloves -- pretty much any gloves -- work fine for what you are trying to achieve (not spreading the disease) and of course, are largely not needed. Fuck those panicking dipshits.


Two newborns have already gotten COVID-19. One in China and one in London.
(The stories appear in more reputable news sources as well, I just cannot link to them b/c I won't whitelist or pay them).


@1 Ross: Agreed and seconded, and well said. I hope all is well with you and your wife. I have friends who are RNs, and can't imagine what they're going through. A fellow musician friend of mine sent me a photo and article via Facebook of people looting a CostCo for toilet paper!

Everybody stay healthy, warm and safe. May common sense prevail.


@4. One thing Italians have going for them are bidets, helps save a lot on toilet paper.


@4 Garb Garbler: At least Italians have that, although they're still just as bad off as we are. This coronavirus pandemic is a global threat.


@5. Believe me, Auntie. I know.

But China has already shown we can reduce and control the spread with these drastic measures. Italy is united in their response and will follow suit. It is up to us to sacrifice for the common good in this time of great need. May we find the patience and wisdom to endure, and we will.


In k'aatech. Pa'atenĂ­



@4 I thought bidets were for washing your feet?