Bless you, Eli, for further excellent reporting, as usual.

Everyone stay healthy, warm, and safe.


@2 what? Site your source please.


The age of social distancing? How long do you think this is going to last, 2160 years?


Oh for fucksake I'm totally down with the squash the vector project, but transmission in a sizeable public park is next to nil. Just don't touch anything and stay 10 feet away from the other people nearly all the time. The idea that you're going to get this and by walking past someone on a trail is ridiculous - technically possible but the chances are so low as to make no difference in the vector. You've got to be a thousand times more likely to get it picking up your takeout. On the other hand people are really stressed out, and some fresh air is going to do them good. I'm all for the safety measures and but let's not totally f** freak out here.


The self quarantine doesn't call for people sitting around at home watching TV. Social distancing is about distancing yourself from people, not the outdoors.


Uh huh. Sounds totally legit.


Long-time Seattlite currently under lockdown in Madrid. Here last weekend they started out leaving parks open but within a few hours found that they had to close them because people didn't actually refrain from congregating. Packed parking lots, sports/running groups meeting up, friends and neighbors socializing - it's hard to actually maintain full distance when you are drawn to social engagement.

I totally agree that transmission risk is very low in a park if people actually keep to themselves, but unfortunately some people either can't or won't, which is awful since having fresh air and space to move around is good for physical and mental health.

All that to say that I hope folks in Seattle use the open spaces responsibly by not congregating (perhaps the Freeze will facilitate that) and of course not going out if you have any signs of respiratory illness. After a handful of days in lockdown, I sure would love a stroll around Discovery Park.

Stay safe and take care, Seattle!


That won't be your decision.
After the PANDEMIC-omg!! has run its course we will come bulldoze your bodies into Lake Washington or the Sound; whichever is downhill from where you dropped.



Hopped up on first-person shooters again? Take a break. Read a book or some shit, and for fuck's sake, not the goddamn Bible.


The waterfront from the Olympic Sculpture Garden up to the new Expedia campus was packed with people yesterday evening. We found it quite difficult to maintain social distancing. The Seattle Center campus, by comparison, is a relative ghost town. The occasional runner or dog walker.

Much fewer homeless people in the shadow of the Space Needle as well. Where do they go?


"Please do not congregate."

Isnt that the whole point of parks? People cant or wont stay six feet away, and some arent even trying to hide coughing and blowing snot everywhere. Our selfishness will be our downfall.


Seattle expert estimates 20,000 novel coronavirus infections in the U.S. now

Updated March 14, 2020 at 4:14 pm

By Sandi Doughton

Seattle Times staff reporter

"A Seattle expert is estimating about 20,000 people in the U.S. are now infected with the new coronavirus, nearly 10 times more than the roughly 2,300 confirmed cases.

"Trevor Bedford, a computational biologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, posted his estimates in a series of 13 tweets Friday night. “I could easily be off 2-fold in either direction, but my best guess is that we’re currently in the 10,000 to 40,000 range nationally,” he wrote."

If the actual number of cases is 10x the mortality rate drops to a tenth of the current estimate.
If there are 40,000 cases that drops the mortality rate to 5% of the current hysterical figure.
Both figures well below the rate for the common flu.

And in fact, they are finally going to realize some day that people have been getting and surviving this virus for months already, before CNN and MSNBC decided to shit their pants about it.



Just fyi, "daycares" preferably called childcare centers, are still open.

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