@1...we can call them Twomers.


@ 1,

Hope they don't get the munchies and eat the baybee, or as The Simpsons called it, "a California Cheeseburger."


I’m sure all these shut ins are habitually smoking marijuana cigarettes. It’s bad timing because ERs are overwhelmed now they are going to have to deal with a spike in overdoses.


Dave in Shoreline must be having kittens over that field hospital....


Happy to hear at WA state is getting supplies from the federal government, despite Donnie Dumbass' "we're not a shipping clerk" comment. So far the only state that got all of the supplies it asked for is Florida (you know where are the spring breakers are drunk and partying and refusing to believe COVID-19 is a problem of any kind)). What a waste of those supplies.

The lack of gloves and masks and other basic supplies is critical right now. The lack of hospital beds and ventilators, is becoming critical. And people who don't have COVID-19 also need those things.

News outlets are reporting that an Italian doctor has died due to having to treat patients without gloves.
Italian doctor has died after having to treat patients without gloves.

@4 Oregon banned camping in state parks and other locations where campsites are rented/paid for and typically RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER.


The link for the sewing project doesn't seem to be working...maybe it's just me?




Florida is the one to worry about. Temperature recordings from Internet-assisted thermometers show they have the highest numbers in percent and quantity of people with signatures matching COVID-19 and they have both the most idiotic and the most elderly population.

We're talking 10% dead if they don't shut it down. Just in that one state. Which then spreads.


@ 18,

The basket of Despicables may change their tune once they start needing wheelbarrows to remove all the corpses from Mar-a-Lardass and $hitler’s Nuremberg rallies.

Probably not, tho.


Companies like Marriott, Nordstrom, and Macy's are laying off thousands of tailors and seamstresses. They should be paying them to sew surgical masks.


@9 the link doesn’t work for me either, I’d love to help!


@9 @23 -- Not just you! My fault entirely. The link has been fixed.


1) test everyone now
2) get a shipment of interferon alpha 2B, as much as we can lay hands on, and PPE for medical staff.
3) begin local manufacture of N95 masks, even if it has to be done off patent, and even if it must be done by the state or city government over the objections of the lawyers. They can sue us later if they’re still alive.
4) Begin early treatment and isolation of all who test positive, regardless of age or travel history or symptoms.

Do this, and we’ll not only flatten the curve, we’ll invert it,


Mr President;
Washington represents two percent of the American population,
20 percent of the COVID-19 infections,
and 61 percent of the fatalities caused by COVID-19.
It is clear that we fucked up big-time and we need someone to bail our sorry asses out.
Little did I dream, as I spent the past years criss-crossing the nation running for President, that I had left my state so woefully unprepared for the challenge we face.
Gawd, what a dickless sorry-assed piece of shit Governor I turned out to be.
Please send the Navy.
ps Please send the guy from Village People when you send the fleet


@1 Why yes, an entire mini-boom of children raised by cannabis smoking Socialists is going to change the world in a couple of decades.


Mr. President: Little did we realize (ha! actually it was obvious) that your incessant concern over the stock market and appeasing Vladimir Putin would leave the country so ill-prepared to face this crisis.

Little did we dream that you would be so incredibly unwilling to do a goddamn thing to help.

We can only hope that as the bodies pile up, you will realize that a great share of the responsibility is yours.

Please kill yourself as soon as possible.


Those of us in blue states should be very thankful that of all the disasters to befall this country during this administration it should be one that is slow and not concentrated geographically. Had this of been something like a major earthquake on the west coast the response would've been much, much worse. Of course, that doesn't mean they won't still prioritize their base (and donors) with any stimulus package they rush through.


Christopher -- This CDC webpage, updated daily, is scarier. Keep an eye on it over the coming days to see the map changing from yellow to orange to red.
Just over 10,000 cases yesterday. More than 15,000 today.


I don't think raindrop's brain can comprehend the level of self-own the right has wrought upon this country, so now he has to fall back on bromides and theatrical appeals to "rationality."

Watching people desperately pretend this country isn't fundamentally broken is quite the sight to behold. But since no one responsible will be held to account, no lessons will ever be learned. The fantasy will persist to the end.


Let's all be nice to one another while the administration lets people die. They're bailing our banks and companies in the tune of billions, but can't bring themselves to pay for an appropriate response to a very real pandemic because of, lol, small government. The self-ownage is amazing.


How’s the drag queen and sex worker bailout coming along?

Oh, and open borders now!


@ 39,

I'm trying to decide if it's worth paying attention to whatever outrageous billionaire bailout that Congress pukes up next week. Meh, fuck it.

It’s like the A$$hole Olympics, and the Tr666p-humpers are all going for gold.


It's comforting knowing that no matter how many millions die from this plague worldwide, we'll have Prezinazi AntiChrist and his cult of far-white Despicables shrieking about how they're the world's biggest victims.


42: By every metric used to measure the success of a working developed country, the US is broken. Maybe as a shambolic and corrupt nineteenth-century republic, it's doing a-ok. But by the very standards the US and its allies have set for the world over the last 70 years, it's not working well. And it's not working at all for anyone without means. But again, if your idea of a working society is some gilded-age shitshow, keep on rocking in the free world.


47: Your concern tolling warms my heart.


Every idea that could and would fix this country is "impractical" now. That's the beauty of it. Nothing Biden will propose should he win the presidency will actually solve any problems. At best, they'll keep the ship coasting smoothly to the iceberg. "Practicality" (the stuff people think might win enough votes) has become a barrier to any real progress. At some point this country needs to grow up and think bigger. Right now, any solution to ongoing issues I can name is "impractical."


El Salvador has cancelled all rent, water, phone, internet, electricity bills for three months AND they're building a hospital in case of a major outbreak. Funny how according to Trump they're a shit hole third world country and their response is far more helpful to every single person in that country than anything this country is doing for anyone. Enjoy your $600! Or $1200! Or $2400! Hope you don't get sick and die. (Oh and enjoy your daily does of lies by shit bag Donnie).


@51 None of these payments will pay anyone's rent. And a one (or two) time payment will do nothing for the long term hurt this situation is going to cause economically. Why should people making between $75,000 to $99,000 get anything? $600 to the poor? $2400 to a married couple making over $50.000? Please.

Keep on bleating in defense of this administration's shit show response. Trump's temper tantrum today being asked what he has to say to all of the people in this country who are scared is the epitome of how fucked we are because people thought a dumb, rich, racist, piece of shit should be allowed to enter the WH. This is what this country gets for taking the "anyone can be president" experiment way too far.

Your constant defense of this abomination is not entertaining and it is not dialogue. It's fucking sick and disturbing and seriously deranged.

I, for one, am putting you on permanent mute. You cease to exist. Bye!


Pretty sure @51 Raindrop didn’t vote for Trump and has stated so. Plenty of republicans who value competence and our institutions.


Why do we need to cut checks to the poor? We were promised that if we cut the corporate tax rate and give up our deductions our corporate overloards would pass it along and raise everyone’s pay or hand out bonuses.





@27 -- "It is clear that we fucked up big-time and we need someone to bail our sorry asses out."

Uh. Oh.
Speaking of Venezeula -- watch Out,
far ‘right’ Tighty Rightys* & you too Trolly Trollys:
They’re a’comin’ for YOU:

“Germany Shuts Down Far-Right Clubs That Deny the Modern State”

“BERLIN — The German government on Thursday banned two clubs linked to an anti-Semitic movement that refuses to recognize the modern German state, with the Interior Ministry ordering raids on the homes of the groups’ leaders in 10 states as part of a crackdown on Germany’s far right.

‘We relentlessly continue the fight against right-wing extremism even in times of crisis,’ Horst Seehofer, Germany’s interior minister, said in a statement. ‘We are dealing with an association that distributes racist and anti-Semitic writings and thus systematically poisons our liberal society,’ Mr. Seehofer added.

After years of focusing on threats from Islamist extremists, the German authorities have started to train their resources on combating homegrown far-right extremists. There have been three major attacks in the last nine months, including the killing of a politician, a failed attack on a synagogue and the killing in February of nine Germans with immigrant backgrounds, all three of which were carried out by far-right extremists.

‘Far-right terror is the biggest threat to our democracy right now,’ Christine Lambrecht, the country’s justice minister, said after the February attacks. On Thursday, she said the decision to ban the clubs brought the fight against far-right extremism and racism to the ‘highest political level.’”

More at:

*GOOD News
for the Rest of US.


@45 - with any luck, Trump & his cronies will become actual coronavirus victims.


'Twould be poetic Justice indeed for Typhoid Donnie's lungs to fill with hot fluid in place of hot air.

I'm not hoping for it, you see, only pointing out the Aristotelian theatrical quality of such a denouement.


66: Yes please.

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