To Promote Social Distancing, Some Cities Are Giving Roadways Over to Cyclists. Should Seattle?



assuming that pedestrians are included, then yes, even before the black death fell upon us, San Francisco had closed market street to POV's and Hotel Street in Honolulu has been that way for years.

In Seattle ending POV's on Ballard Ave between Dock and Market Streets and Pike/Pine between Broadway and 15th would be a good start


So much room on the roads right now (including on-street parking), and yet two delivery trucks were parked in bike lanes on my ride through downtown on Saturday.


@2: Yeah better enforcement for sure, blocking bike lanes, blocking crosswalks, blocking bus stops, of course some (by no means all or even most) cyclists need to be more considerate of pedestrians.
Of course removing cars would help a lot.


5-4-3-2-1 till the bicycle lobby demands to be able to use the West Seattle Bridge while it's closed for repairs. Because they're so special.


@4: The lower bridge ill stay open for transit, first responders and freight, since there's a pretty wide sidewalk on that bridge no reason cyclists and pedestrians couldn't keep using it.


@4 No cyclist has any interest in using the upper WSB, buffoon.