The Mayor Eased Parking Restrictions But This Ballard Restaurant Keeps Getting Ticketed



everyone needs a job, but being meter-maid is pretty lame.


'A Meter Maid in Times of Pandemic'
Now There's a Movie I'd pay
not to see. Starring
Liv Ullmann.
FIVE hours

Expect a Ticket upon leaving Theater.

[Maybe Liv'll Write it!]

Redeem for one
LARGE soda
in theatre.

[restroom Line goes out door
and round Block]

Meter Maid also writes
Peeing In Public Tickets:
Redeem for LARGE Popcorn.

(They're outta TP)
[gonna Waste a ticket]?


C'mon City o' Seattle:
Make it Work.


City of Edmonds, on its own initiative, put up temporary "15-minute Take Out Only" parking signs in front of its downtown restaurants. Seattle should offer the same.


Yes, parking enforcement officers are "pretty lame". Unless of course a car is parked blocking YOUR driveway. Or a car is blocking the fire lane leading up to the college dormitory where YOUR child lives. Or a car is blocking a fire hydrant next to a busy theater where YOU are watching a performance. But hey, the driver is only going to be a short time and the driver pays taxes and the driver is a very important person who is going to get the officer fired!


Don't follow leaders, watch the parkin' meters.


6 I was responding to the inanity of #1. Please save YOUR special brand of inanity for another time.