Do you take off the cage to shower? This seems important, especially for non-circumsized penises.


You know, I enjoy the more r/relationships Agony-Aunt type questions that Dan mainly gets now, but it's a nice bit of nostalgia to get the more specific odd sex questions again. Reminds me of a simpler time when Trump wasn't president, forest fires weren't yearly infernos that decimated huge swathes of people's livelihoods, and oh, NO FUCKING PLAGUES!

Simpler times...


You seem to be on the part-time side of playtime- lock up/dress up fun with willing partner/s, change and have a drink once it’s over- and there’s nothing wrong with that. Be yourself and dive slowly into long-term to make sure this is what you want. Or not. (Long term is equally amazing yet from what I gather it may not be your thing, at least not now.)

As for your arousal and imminent ejaculation that seem to stand- intended- in the way, have you tried masturbating before the action takes place? If that doesn’t work aim for a double dose with the first one few hours prior.


Chastity is an appropriate topic under the circumstances. I know guys who are locked up by their keyholders until the virus lockdown is over.

@1 Good hygiene can be maintained in many cages without unlocking with regular showering and perhaps a squirty bulb.


Re Dan's Covid-19 lockdown summary at the end, it blows my mind to learn that Trump has a bible study thing going for his cabinet. Like what the actual F? They are supposed to be focusing on running the USA not indulging in religion while at work! Surely that is a personal activity that should be taking place on your own time. It seems really off to me.

Locked and Loaded what a cool sign off. I think cock cages are sexy af. All the best finding your perfect fit.


The guest expert was highly informative, though a bit heavy on the evangelism.


Sandwiches @5, the thing that appals me most about a Trump Bible study group at the White House is that they are reading the words of Jesus Christ and paying zero attention. Now that's a waste of tax money.


It's not your question (and unlike Cagedjock you don't specify that it's "premature ejaculation"), but FY as regards...

"come quickly"

One can learn to cum less quickly, so you have that option if you wish.

"Cagedjock has been locked since August of 2015"



@6: Did he convert you?


Bubble wrap and hose clamps.


I'd like to say the incorrect spelling "circumsized" was intentional on my part but nope, that SIZE inclusion was purely Freudian.


BDF@7 Good point!


Mr Savage @9 - Did Dr Feckenham convert Queen Jane? (You forget I'm the one who beat conversion therapy, but I shan't hold a grudge.)

Putting on a serious hat, as I haven't been socially active in over a decade and am sure that that ship isn't sailing again, I'm sure the GE wouldn't want to waste a conversion on me anyway. Also, this seems like one for the seriously hard-core submissives and the Wainthropps, however appealing the thought of gay members locked up may well be to various readers. It didn't help that earlier I'd been reading about our sex's still being illegal in Singapore, but I don't think the sermon moved me in either direction.

More dispassionately, I don't think the attempt to near-universalize the appeal quite matched the closing paragraph about the probable necessity of trying various cages.


Way to cherry-pick Trump-loving, anti-science, fundementalists to represent all Christians, Dan.


There was a recent thread related to PE. And the L&L say, “ I want to prioritize psychiatric needs for meds..” by which I assume he’s on anti depressants perhaps. Would these drugs interfere with ejaculation. That’s the first question LW, I’d be investigating. It may not just be down to a biological quirk.
Remember for now, only on line.


@15 LavaGirl
Great point that whenever antidepressants are in the mix one should think twice. However given the actual known sex-related effects of antidepressants, my hunch was (and was confirmed by a quick google) that antidepressants would do the opposite of causing, and in fact are actually considered a treatment for, PE.

However, simply learning to get over PE is infinitely safer than increasing one's antidepressants for this alone, so I would absolutely not recommend doing so just to get over PE.


Interesting, curious. Though individuals vary. Nobody should be messing with their meds while this is going on.
I’ve been indulging in easy watching DVDs. How you going, curious?


@17 LavaGirl
First, I was glad to see another post by you, I was wondering how you were.

Me, I got on a sleeping pill for now, which is making me feel better, largely because I don't have to worry about my dreadful insomnia with it.


I’m going ok, curious. Except for my son in England, my children, my daughter’s partner and kids, are here. I’ve got my studio/ bedroom/ hut, I escape into. One son is back from work in his decked out van, sleeping in it, with the vans’ awning pulled out, his deck chairs under it.
Like a flamin caravan park. Gotta love em, right?


“(And it definitely gets in the way of topping)”.

I hope the LW was only making a joke, because a lot of this reads as someone unnecessarily trying to deny themselves pleasure, as opposed to deriving pleasure from chastity. The LW seems more interested in muting their gender, and any sexual gratification from it, than a better fitting cock cages.


@14 An increasingly large amount of your Christian brethren are all in for Trump, there’s no way of avoiding it, they’re standing right next to him at the podium.


I once bought a cock cage (Holy Trainer something), but after trying it on a few times I gave it away (disinfected of course). I don't see how it is possible to keep that thing clean unless you take a shower after every piss.

(Also, some suspension of disbelief is needed. It's not that difficult to get your cock out of it if it is completely flaccid.)


@14 NemoNope
"Way to cherry-pick Trump-loving, anti-science, fundamentalists to represent all Christians, Dan."

NN, those Christians are the public face of Christianity in our society. If you don't like that, it's not Dan's fault. It's the job of Christians who aren't like that to present a less sociopathic, less imbecilic, less insane public face of Christianity to counter those lunatics' claim to speak for you. In other words it's your job to represent. Not to blame Dan for this fucked up situation he had no part in creating, but to present who you are publicly as a counterpoint to them if you don't want the monsters to speak for you.

Incidentally, while I know that one can be a Christian without being a monster, it still entails a childish belief in an imaginary cloud being, but I understand that people need what they need.

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