Natural selection?
Natural selection? Westend61/Getty Images

Liz Warren makes her endorsement: Drumroll please. Elizabeth Warren, who dropped out of the 2020 presidential race what feels like years ago (though, my sources say it was just over a month ago), has made her endorsement. Yep, it's for Joe Biden. Warren declined to endorse either Biden or Sanders back when it mattered was between the two of them. Here's the video:

Your stimulus check might be delayed: Looking for that one-time $1,200 check? Give it more time. Trump wanted his name on the checks so it's taking some more time. On Monday night, the U.S. Treasury Department required that the Internal Revenue Service stamp Trump's name on the stimulus checks before they went out to Americans. According to people close to the matter, Trump had originally asked to sign the checks himself. That wasn't allowed. His name is going on the memo line.

House Dems want to give us more stimulus money: Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, and Rep. Ro Khanna, D-California don't think that one-time $1,200 check is going to cut it. They've proposed a bill that would give Americans $2,000 each month.

Once those clouds burn off: It'll be smooth sailing. Get out for a walk today. It'll be in the 60s. Break out your damn bikinis while you're at it.

People are walking more: It's pretty much the only way to spend recreation time outside of your house now. Now, many Seattleites are realizing just how incomplete our sidewalk network is. Groups like Seattle Neighborhood Greenways are calling for the city to follow in the footsteps of Denver and Oakland and shut down streets for pedestrian use.

If you're admitted to the University of Washington Medical Center: You'll be tested for COVID-19. The same goes for Harborview.

Jeff Bezos gets more billions: He added $24 billion to his fortune. That makes his net worth something like $138 billion.

The show must go on: The Tour de France will happen this year. The cycling race through France will take place at the end of August. It was originally scheduled for the end of July. Other large-scale sporting events, like for instance the Olympics, have been called off this summer.

Did you see Usain Bolt's social distancing post? Here:

Wait. I'm sorry—what? Zoos in Germany are in need of donations. This one in Northern Germany, Neumünster Zoo, has even said that some animals may soon need to be fed to other animals. Funds have run low and animals need to eat. While feeding some animals to other animals is a last resort it's still on the table as a possibility.

"This is COVID-19 not COVID-1, folks": Kellyanne Conway hopped on state tv Fox News today to do some scapegoating about the U.S.'s lackluster response to the global pandemic. Trump announced that he would stop funding to the World Health Organization because of the organization's response to COVID-19. This man loves an enemy. Even if that enemy is literally the WHO.

Reese Witherspoon promised teachers dresses: Draper James, the actress' fashion company, hosted a giveaway for teachers as a sort of "thank you" morale boost during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, no one seemed to anticipate how much attention a celebrity's brand's giveaway would be. The company only had about 250 dresses. Nearly one million teachers applied to the giveaway. Now, the giveaway is looking less like an act of kindness and more like a deft marketing scheme.

The WWE is an essential business, Florida says: World Wrestling Entertainment will be allowed to host events in Florida as long as no fans are present. Wrestling, you'll recall, requires two people to be less than six feet away from each other.

Here is a video of children running into clear walls: This is probably how those Apple employees felt when that new all-glass campus opened.

Spot the difference:

The solution to mass shootings was "global pandemic" all along! March 2020 was the first March without a school shooting in the U.S. since 2002

Retail sales are down: They're the lowest they've been in three decades.

What alien is wearing Mike Bloomberg's skin? This is an old article but it's trending right now and I've never read it so here you go. Mike Bloomberg, the former presidential candidate is plagued by this affliction where he can't figure out handshakes. There's video evidence from when he tried to handshake a dog. Except dogs don't have hands. He shook the dog's snout with his hands. It's very strange.