Gay man here that loves eating ass. I lick it, suck it and get my tongue in as deep as it will go, and have been told it feels "amazing." I always announce this prior, so I assume things are more than superficially clean, and there has never been an issue with stink or a bad taste. I’m a big fan of "clean enough to eat out of" ass. I know there is a bit of controversy about anal douching—a good, high-fibre dump and a bit of soap and water means you’re good to, uh, go, versus douche until the water runs clear. However, a few times now I’ve encountered a sweet flavor when my tongue goes in deep. Once it even tasted like cherry lip balm (I asked and was told nothing had been applied), and I’m not being served pre-lubed ass. I’ve assumed that shit would taste like it smells and really haven't wanted to think about this in any depth. But after another unexpected sweet tasting ass, I apprehensively looked on Google and there were posts from coprophiliacs who listed a few flavors (bitter, sweet, better with a dusting of sugar or some salt, etc.). No judgement on coprophiliacs but I felt quite grossed out and queasy after. So, my question is: am I tasting shit or do some people have a rectum that tastes sweet for some other reason?

Sweet Hole Is Turds?

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Okay.... this one goes out to everyone who's sent me an email over the last three weeks complaining about how there's too many COVID19 questions on the podcast and in the column. There's no mention of COVID19 in this question, nothing about being quarantined with someone, nothing about viruses at all. You're welcome!

And I thought about finding a guest expert... but then I thought... there's probably not a lot of research in this area. It's not a subject most people want to dwell on—the taste of shit—and so I'm gonna toss this one to the readers who've been begging me for some non-COVID19 questions. Drop those hot takes in the comments!


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