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The Stranger predicts the future.



Anyone trying to predict what the world will look like post-COVID needs to take into account two things: one, people's astoundingly short memories, and two, people's propensity to attach emotional significance to things based on the memories they associate with those things. For instance, you hear in the media about how telework is going to become the next big thing. I think it's just as likely the opposite will be true: people will flock back to physical workplaces because they associate the practice of working from home with the pervasive anxiety and depression associated with this period of history. (On top of people who never liked the idea of working from home in the first place and wish they weren't forced to, like my wife.) You also hear in the media predictions about how people will shy away from restaurants and other public spaces even after they reopen. I have to wonder who the hell they're surveying, because it's certainly not anyone I'm following seeing on social media comment sections or anyone I know that I've had an actual conversation with, where the favorite subject of conversation is all the cool stuff they're planning to do once things get back to normal. So I think any speculation is very premature, and if I had to venture a guess about what future society will look like, I'd say we'll probably see... not no change at all, obviously, but much less than is currently being predicted.


So, you know how after 9/11 congress allocated a bunch of funding for first responders and their families? Can we something like that for the people caring for people with COVID? Support for the families of those who’ve died, loan forgiveness, tax credits, etc.?


@2- I suspect you're largely correct.
To illustrate, take haircuts. Everybody is going to feel a little bit squeamish about sitting in that chair, and yet... (almost) everyone wants to get their damn hair cut again.
So we will do what we do and just submit to it... and then once that boundary has been breached we will relax our wariness in most other avenues.
I think sports might take a while to recover their former attendance... we might hear a lot of unseemly whimpering for the public teat from billionaire sports owners.


@3 - Hell, how about we make Healthcare NOT a for-profit enterprise, and treat all the nurses, doctors, orderlies, and everyone that works in healthcare properly.

"For-profit" healthcare is absolutely insane. Makes no sense whatsoever. I don't know how we even let that happen.

So Congress just passed a ~$500 Billion bill that includes healthcare workers in some way. I haven't looked at the details, but hopefully it shovels money their way.

@2 - Solid points.


You clowns LOVE to talk to closing off blocks and blocks without once considering what it does to accessibility for those who need it.

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