Re-Opening Washington Will Be Like "Turning a Dial," Inslee Says



Hopefully one of the outdoor activities re-opened is fishing. By all means, keep public docks closed but I've got a private dock and neighbors docks are 100' to either side. Makes no sense that I can't stand on my dock and fish.


Thank God for Inslee!!
Given the magnitude of this crisis, he is protecting the health of Washingtonians.
Don't believe me? Would you rather be in a number of other states that don't have stay at home orders?


all this said, we are expecting library staff to manage the library restrooms as the "homeless" are free to use them now in certain spots?

ballard is getting hammered with this crap - commons park, the library area trashed by vagrants. st lukes needs to give themselves a good look in the mirror at what have enabled here.

public parks are not intended to be vagrant flophouses. i imagine the city is betting this will stop them from riding buses endlessly and generally spreading out without saying so publicly. ugh.


Man, at this point I’m expecting the entire 2020/2021 academic year to be viped out. A vaccine won’t come (if it ever does) by next spring at the earliest, and it doesn’t seem like our governing body is going to allow schools to function without it. This will have untold ripple effects for decades.

Hell of a world ya handed us Boomers, thanks!!


Wiped* not viped ha!


We are also rolling out 4,000 antibody tests a day.

Expect more on the West Coast (Cascadia).

Expect nothing in the South (Denial)


@2 - Yes, but common sense (see @1), judicial review, and public redress are even more important.


The highest, and sickest, concentration of Covid-19 citizens is in our hospitals. Now, how does more traffic in our hospitals--the result of reopening elective surgeries--make any damn sense? In only this one way: money talks.


Who says you can’t fish on your own fovk?


@9- from WDFW

"Fishing and Shellfishing
Fishing and shellfishing seasons: All recreational fishing and shellfishing is closed until at least May 4 statewide in response to the governor’s order to "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" and limit the spread of coronavirus. "


@11 that's highly likely in King Pierce and Snohomish.


I think we need to move forward, and make policy decisions, with the assumption that there will not be a vaccine or magic bullet treatment. I mean, I hope one day there is one, but - the fact is, we don't know a workable one will be found, not in 18 months, maybe not ever.

At some point, not today and not necessarily soon, we're going to have to make some hard calculations.

I am in no means suggesting we let up on the shelter at home orders and get back to the way things were ASAP - it's clear we need get a breather to figure out a plan - but at a certain point, yeah, we need to figure out how to live with this virus long term in a way that's going to allow people to That doesn't mean going back to the way things were, I'm sure our future will inlude wearing masks, permanently changing how move around one another, it probably means prolific testing, and way stepped up hygiene practices.

And to be honest, I do feel like we're going to learn that while COVID-19 was a catastrophic threat to our healthcare system's capacity, it seems like we're learnign the disease is more widespread than we thought, which likely means it's less fatal than our most dire predictions, and we'll be able to calculate down what we think we'll need in the future. Clearly this is more deadly than the flu, and just the volume of patients at once was overwhelming no matter what the mortality rate.

But, I'm feeling optmistic that we're going to figure out a workable life for the world, that we won't be living in this defense posture for years.


@8 I'd say money talks, but also, people that are struggling and suffering from dehabilitating but perhaps not immediately life threatening illnesses also talks.

My friend's mother-in-law was scheduled to get shoulder surgery that got pushed off as non-essential, non life threatenign. But she's in dehabilitating pain and her arm isn't functional. She's suffering pretty profoundly. There's lots of people in that boat. If it can be worked out to resume care for people that are in pain but perhaps not...dying but that need care. And, there are lots of healthcare providers that aren't on the frontlines with COVID, and at the moment, sounds like there's the space. So let's use it, if we can be really mindful of not spreading the infection further.