Missouri to China, which is protected by sovereign immunity: Lawyer up, baby.
Missouri to China, which is protected by sovereign immunity: "Lawyer up, baby." Chris Ryan/Getty Images

First U.S. COVID death wasn't in Kirkland: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that the first U.S. deaths happened weeks before the Feb. 29 Kirkland death. Those people died in Santa Clara County in California on Feb. 6 and Feb. 17.

Move over little free libraries: No one can concentrate on books now, read the room! Little Free Libraries are no longer all the rage. ENTER: Little Free Pantries. Similar to Little Free Libraries, the Little Free Pantries are tiny structures scattered throughout neighborhoods that provide food to take. The creator of the pantries, Molly Harmon of Columbia City, got funding to make six new pantries. People requested more. Twenty more. The community delivered.


The city's finances are not weathering this storm well: Coronavirus will put a tax revenue hole of $210 million to $300 million in the Seattle city budget. That's because Seattle's budget relies mostly on sales tax and business taxes. Both have been cratered by the pandemic.

Washington attorney general wants you to be able to cancel your LA Fitness membership: Bob Ferguson has written a letter to gyms and fitness centers statewide ordering them to let customers cancel memberships. And, that those people who cancel are legally entitled to a refund. If they don't comply, he warned, they'll face the (legal) wrath of his office. He's sued Trump dozens of times and won.

It's wet: And it will be wet. I've been remarking about what a unique form of torture being sheltered-in-place during nice weather is and how I wish this all happened in winter. But I take it back. I love the rain normally but now I feel socked in looking at the wet outside the window. The only things to do outside are walk or sit in some grass and now that seems miserable. SORRY. I don't mean to be a downer. It will be... cozy.

Trump's immigration order makes the tech community sweat: So far, Trump has stated that he will bar new immigration for anyone seeking a green card for the next 60 days. He stopped short of banning temporary workers, but the tech community in Seattle is worried. A lot (well, 4 percent of the tech world in the city) of immigrant workers are doing high profile work and are necessary for things to run smoothly. Is Trump using the pandemic to spread his xenophobic agenda? Mayor Jenny Durkan is sure of it.

Bet you didn't know this: Ciabatta bread was invented in 1982.

Wisconsin health officials: Have already identified at least seven people who may have gotten COVID-19 from in-person voting earlier this month. One of the infected was a poll worker. Meanwhile, Wisconsin's Republican-led legislature is suing to re-open the state.

Speaking of suing: Missouri, the state, is suing China, the country. Why? Because the country did "little to stop the spread of the disease."

I'm going to throw a bone to all those Harry Potter people: Scientists discover a new snake and name it after Salazar Slytherin.

The Senate approved a new relief package: For $484 billion. The House will vote tomorrow.

De Blasio's New York City snitch line backfired: Mayor Bill de Blasio set up a tip line so New Yorkers could tattle on large groups that weren't socially distancing. The line received a host of dick pics, Hitler memes, and people flipping off the camera.

Ah, it's Earth Day! Everything is bad. Here's a reminder that moose are huge. Thanks, Earth.

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No tipline necessary in Indonesia: If you violate your quarantine you get sent to live in a haunted house. No ifs, ands, or buts. Just you and some ghosts.

Sorry, I'm obsessed with this mystery: Who is this man? What band is he in? Were they at Warped Tour? This seems like a Warped Tour kind of band.