Broadway in the time of social distancing.
Broadway in the time of social distancing. Twitter Screen Shot

Originally published on our sister paper The Portland Mercury's blog, Blogtown. We'll keep publishing their Cheer Up Club as long as we need cheering up.

Okay, Tuesday! If you're trying to bring me down, you're doing a pretty goddamn good job! But I'm countering you with the Mercury Cheer Up Club—chock full of hilarious stuff from today's internet! Touché!

Today in "Heady philosophical questions" news:

Today in "Best at-home workout routines" news:

Today in "Fuck YOU, mean brother" news:

Today in "Zoom meeting pro-tip" news:

Today in "Unfortunate Jeopardy answers" news:

Today in "Some prison break partners are better than others" news:

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And finally, today in "Now, that's entertainment!" news:

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