Joe Biden hasnt said anything about the sexual assault allegation against him.
Joe Biden hasn't said anything about the sexual assault allegation against him. SEAN RAYFORD / GETTY IMAGES

Watch that first-quarter report: It's a doozy. The U.S. economy shrank at a 4.8 percent annual rate in the first quarter of the year. Unfortunately, most of that shrinkage is from the pre-COVID times. That means that subsequent reporting will accurately reflect the economic devastation this thing has caused. It will continue to plummet. The worst is yet to come.

Bad news for Boeing: The aerospace giant has seen better days. Boeing is cutting 10 percent of its workforce and production of planes is slowing down. It's been a rough two years for Boeing, a period that was kicked off by two of its plane crashing and killing hundreds of people and culminating in the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first quarter, Boeing lost $641 million. Revenue fell 26 percent, the Seattle Times reports.


Edmonds alien expert weighs in: Somehow, the footage that the Department of Defense released on Monday of "unidentified aerial phenomena" was buried in the news cycle. Fox Mulder would be losing his shit. Michael Hall, Edmonds' very own Mulder and the founder of the group UFOiTEAM said that this footage is the "best evidence he’s seen of intelligent life beyond our planet," according to KING5.

A warm, rainy day: It's probably going to stay cloudy and be a bit wet today. But it'll be in the high 60s. Though, I'm seeing a lot of blue outside my window so maybe the weather is wrong.

In case that feels like good cocktail weather: Or if you just want an easy-to-make cocktail, try this. It's a kombucha-vodka high ball. I made it last night and it was refreshing and probably great for the ol' microbiome. But also I have a headache this morning. Do with that information what you will.

Mask up: Says Costco. The Kirkland-based company will require all customers to wear coverings on their mouths and noses while inside the store.

Starbucks is over it: Everyone's favorite neighborhood coffee shop (this is a joke please don't kill me) will start re-opening its stores in early May. It projects that 90 percent of its stores nationwide will be back in operation in June.

NYC mourners cause backlash: A group of Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn gathered late Tuesday night to mourn the death of a Rabbi Chaim Mertz. The gathering violated social distancing guidelines and drew the ire of many, including Mayor Bill de Blasio who made a tweet urging the Jewish community to adhere to the rules. A lot of people were pissed about that.

UW Medicine got bad COVID-19 tests: Earlier this month, to combat the shortage of testing kits, UW Medicine got 80,000 of them airlifted from China. It was almost all smooth sailing from there but in a small percentage of vials, the liquid that preserves the test sample was contaminated. All the nasal swabs are a-okay, though.

Alaska Airlines is going to fly freight: The plan is to literally strap freight into passenger seats. Alaska, invite me on one of these freight flights.

My brain realizing it's only Wednesday: This is also my brain after drinking homemade kombucha-vodka high balls all night.

Drugmaker calls study on potential COVID treatment "positive": Gilead, the drugmaker that has the same name as the surveillance state in The Handmaid's Tale, has just concluded a study on an experimental coronavirus drug called remdesivir. They studied the drug in 400 patients sick with coronavirus and administered the drug to some and the placebo to others. You get how science works. More information is to come on the progress of the trial.

Biden has not addressed sexual assault allegations: Tara Reade, Biden's former staff assistant, said that Biden assaulted her in 1993. The claim has been corroborated. Yet, the Biden camp has stayed silent. Except, his campaign is pushing talking points to the Democratic party. The main takeaway? His campaign is advising that Reade's account "did not happen." More here.

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This headline: Kentucky governor apologized to a man named Tupac Shakur, after using him as an example of a fake unemployment claim. And the video that goes with it:

More people are dying this year: Total deaths are on the rise globally. In seven states, total deaths are 50 percent higher than usual. That means deaths from things non-coronavirus related. However, the coronavirus may be the culprit as hospitals get clogged up and people with otherwise treatable ailments stay home.