The 15th Annual HUMP! Film Festival spring tour was off to an awesome start. We went to Oakland, Albuquerque, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Long Beach, and Columbus... and then COVID19 shut the whole world down. Like everyone and everything else, we had to shut ourselves inside and cancel everything. We were totally crushed. Folks worked so hard on these films and the idea of not letting the world see them seemed completely unfair.


So we asked all the filmmakers if we could take HUMP! online—for the first time ever—and stream it. And damn near every one of them said yes! So here’s your chance to see HUMP! in all its glory! Always wanted to go but lived too far away? We’re screening HUMP! at variety of different times— including times that will work for HUMP! fans in Europe—so now you can watch HUMP! in the privacy of your own living room, bedroom, dungeon, wherever! I’ll be opening each show with a brief introduction, then taking you straight to the all the smut that makes HUMP! the greatest little porn festival in the world!

Here's the trailer...

HUMP! Tour 2020 from HUMP! Film Festival on Vimeo.

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And here are the showtimes...

Saturday, May 9th - 7pm (PST) / 10pm (EST)
Friday, May 15th - 8pm (PST) / 11pm (EST)
Friday, May 22nd - 8pm (Central European Summer Time)
Saturday, May 23rd - 9pm (PST) / Midnight (EST)
Friday, May 29th - 6pm (PST) / 9pm (EST)
Saturday, June 6th - 5pm (PST) / 8pm (EST)
Friday, June 12th - 7pm (PST) / 10pm (EST)

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