What your future massages will look like.
What your future massages will look like. Twitter Screen Shot

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Just because you didn’t report doesn’t mean it didn’t happen
Free, confidential, inclusive support and information about sexual assault is available 24/7

And will you look at that? ANOTHER WEDNESDAY IN THE BOOKS. Now let's forget it ever happened with the Mercury Cheer Up Club—a roundup of laughs curated from the internet, and designed to turn your Wednesday frown upside down. LET'S GET CHEERIER!

Today in "This is a pretty good remake of Carrie" news:

Today in "Your local massage therapist is back in business!" news:

Today in "And now a message from the National Butter Foundation" news:

Today in "You stop! No, YOU stop!" news:

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Today in "Okay, this is verging on porn" news:

And finally, today in "Choose your 'Delivery Driver' character" news:

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