As seen on E Pike Street. Jasmyne Keimig
As galleries and museums remain closed, your best shot of seeing and appreciating local art is on the streets—more specifically on closed businesses that have boarded over their windows. Though retailers and restaurants may begin to slowly reopen and take down these painted boards at the end of the month, this is an interesting moment in the visual experience of your Seattle neighborhood. The vibrancy and quirkiness of the murals are a comforting presence while I'm on my way to carry out my essential business.

I spotted this mural on the boards covering Capitol Lounge Ritual on E Pike Street. It was only one panel of two or three that were covering the rest of the storefront, but the doll heads were what caught my attention. The concept is simple but spooky. Painted by AXXXHAKA, a multimedia artist, the disturbing heads appear regularly in their work, from paintings such as the one pictured above to genuinely frightening Frankenstein-like sculptures. I have never been inside the Capitol Lounge Ritual, but I hope the inside is as metal as the boards covering the windows. If you're interested in checking out more of AXXXHAKA's work, go here.

Close up of one of these babies.
Close up of one of these babies. JK

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