Welcome to Pandemic University...
Welcome to Pandemic University... skynesher/gettyimages.com

King County Reported a Day Without a Single Coronavirus Death: For the first time in 2 months. The county also had only 86 new cases. The state as a whole, however, had 8 deaths and 249 new cases. To put this in perspective, Franklin County, which has a population of 90,000 had more deaths than King County, which has a population of 2.253 million. Now this looks like light at the end of the tunnel.

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College Presidents Want Their Campuses to Reopen and Resume the Lucrative Business of Packing Debts On Students: But there is more. The college presidents told Vice President Pence and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos they need legal protection from students their reopening might sicken or kill.

Inside Higher Ed reports:

Wednesday afternoon, 14 college presidents from around the country gathered in front of their computers. On their screens they saw their peers, along with Vice President Mike Pence and U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who asked what they needed to reopen their campuses in the fall.

The presidents spoke about the need to be able to do more testing for the coronavirus, according to those who were either on the call or were knowledgeable about the conversation. But the presidents also said they needed to know their college wouldn’t get sued if anyone got sick, which is almost inevitable.

The college presidents in jive: We wanta straight play and none of that pay, blood. And so, necro-economics wants to enter the US's higher education system. The poet and professor Joshua Clover writes: "universities join the ranks of companies making longstanding demand: 'we must be able to kill our employees. also our customers.'"

In Our Journey Through the Levels of Hell: We have arrived here...

At this point, we must be close to the Prince of Darkness, who is certainly a big supporter of privatized health insurance, necro-economics (when the economy is more important than life itself), and rape in exchange for rent. Indeed, fiery the American angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of hell.

Nevada Experienced A: 6.5 magnitude earthquake at around 4 a.m this morning. The US Geological Survey located its epicenter "35 miles outside Tonopah, east of the Sierra Nevada range." It rattled the bodies of Nevadans, and the minds of Seattleites, who upon hearing of an earthquake that's near or far never fail to beg Mother Nature to postpone the Big One until at least the coronavirus is under our control. Have mercy on us, Notre Dame de Sous Terre.
Making Depression Great Again!

People Are Not Buying Stuff. Sorry. They Just Happen to Have Other Things to Worry About Right Now. They Want to Live, for One. Obamacare Is Under Attack. Jobs Pay Shit, If They Are There. And That Rent Is Always Due Like a Motherfucker: American, America...

What Mudede's Bank Account Says About Pandemic Economics: And he wasn't even trying to save money.

Charles Mudede

Sweden's Herd Immunity Experiment Is Not Working: Despite getting lots of love from the nutty senator, Rand Paul, the Swedish Model has resulted in a death rate that's higher than it is in the US. And the US has No Model. Meaning, if the US had adopted the Swedish one, which basically comes down to the plot of the horror movie Midsommar (young people enjoy and fuck and get high; old people, go and just die), we would have passed 100,000 deaths by now. (Instead, we will pass that grim number in a week or so.)

Also, check this out. Denmark and Norway have a combined population of 10 million. Both followed the Asian Model (keep people inside). The total death count for Denmark and Norway is 400. It's 3,300 for Sweden, which has a population of 10 million.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch "Moscow" McConnell Admits: He was lying about Obama again. The former president did in fact leave Trump with a plan to deal with a pandemic. Trump just didn't know or give two cents about it. But guess what? Trump "like magic" traveled back in time and produced in 2018 a pandemic playbook because Obama's was "insufficient" and "not going to work." (Apparently, Trump's did work.) However, There was no word about this mo' better Trump preparedness book until it came out of the mouth of the Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. (I swear she has the heartbeat of a mouse.) Kayleigh talked about the wonderfulness of the time-retrieved playbook on the White House lawn. A helicopter was behind her. No mask on her face, nor that of her boss, who stood right next to her. American, America.

What Happens When You Have a Test? "You find something is wrong... It's common sense... Testing!" The best thing in this superb Tik Tok performance is the moment when she sniffs the Sharpie.

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The Guns Don't Sleep During Pandemic: Police found three dead people in a Sequim house. Sequim is a quiet town in Clallam County, Washington. It has a population of 7,000. One of the dead in the bleak house is thought to be the killer. His name: Jacob Hunter; his age: 25. The motive for murders is at this point unknown. Guns.

And Now: A word from Prince about America.

Two Seattle Cops Are Suing Seattle For: Neglecting the maintenance of their bikes. As a consequence, they claim, they suffered injuries that were preventable, if the city had shown police bikes a little more love and care. Jason Rantz, a member of the Church of Law Enforcement, is on this story.
I Pray for That Drunk Pig, I Really Do: And I love Bacon.

Today Is Brian Eno's Birthday: One of the greatest minds in popular music has made it to 72. Just three days before his 27th birthday, 9 May 1975, he recorded what can only be described as a miracle of pop, the minimalist track "Discrete Music," which is on the album of the same name. Here was process philosophy or event ontology as sound. The organic-like loops have no end or beginning. You enter the music and it's just always there. A loop composed of three parts—a lower part, a middle part, a high part. Each loop is repeated at different modulations. And it is this method of composition and production that corresponded with the dub recorded around this time (the mid 1970s) in the Jamaican pop laboratories of King Tubby and Lee Scratch Perry. These artists, like Eno, didn't play music; they processed it. This distinction is of the greatest importance because it formed what would be the building blocks of techno, electro, and hiphop. The musician is subjected to technological replication and recombination. Eno, may you live another 72 years.

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